Vodafone’s broadband gets a smart upgrade that BT can’t match

Vodafone’s broadband gets a smart upgrade that BT can’t match

Both BT and Vodafone offer broadband services ideal for those that need a cast iron connection that can’t be taken down. BT was the first to announce this revolutionary broadband tech which is found with its Halo 3+ service. The Hybrid Connect router is the work of a partnership between EE and BT, and means if your usual broadband connection goes down – for whatever reason – then it will automatically switch to a 4G signal.

Once your fixed line connection is back up and running things will swap back again.

BT announced the “unbreakable” Halo 3+ service earlier this year, with Vodafone unveiling its Vodafone Pro Broadband offering not long afterwards.

Like with Halo 3+, Vodafone’s rival service offers a 4G backup signal if your main connection goes down.

The service launched earlier this year but now it’s getting an upgrade, and if you’re weighing up which one to go for there’s one unique feature Vodafone boasts that may sway you.

The Vodafone Pro Broadband service now offers instant access to Amazon’s iconic Alexa voice assistant.

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The smart speaker helper, which usually is found on Amazon’s range of Echo devices, is built into the new WiFi booster that comes included with the Vodafone Pro Broadband offering.

The Alexa integration on the WiFi booster means Vodafone customers can use Amazon’s voice assistant to listen to music, check the news, set reminders and even activate internet downtime.

While the WiFi booster also offers access to a huge range of Alexa skills, including Dinnertime – which lets customers pause the internet on certain devices for 30 minutes of downtime.

This is ideal if you’re getting ready to have a family dinner and want to turn the WiFi off so there’s less distractions.

Vodafone Pro Broadband with Alexa Built-in is available on packages from £38 per month.

Speaking about the news, Max Taylor – the consumer director for Vodafone UK – said: “We launched Vodafone Pro Broadband earlier this year to provide customers unbreakable broadband at an unbeatable price.

“Now we’re going one step further by adding this incredible unique Alexa-integrated broadband service, bringing the latest technology into our customers’ homes, making family life even easier.”

Vodafone is also throwing in plenty of other great reasons to pick up the Vodafone Pro Broadband with Alexa package.

If you’ve never tried Amazon Music Unlimited before then you’ll be able to take advantage of a 90 day free trial.

While the Super Wi-Fi guarantee means customers who aren’t satisfied with their home Wi-Fi coverage will be offered the opportunity to leave their contract fee-free.

Customers will also be able to take advantage of dedicated support from a team of highly trained WiFi Xpert.

And, arguably best of all, Vodafone Pro Broadband is cheaper than BT’s rival Halo 3+ service.

Prices start from £35 a month, which can net customers a saving of more than £600 over the course of their contract.

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