UK Government alleges Amazon and Apple for electronic waste

UK Government alleges Amazon and Apple for electronic waste

The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) in the UK has published a report blaming Amazon and Apple for a ‘tsunami’ of e-waste.

In the report, the EAC has laid out a nine-month consultation and concludes that Apple made it ‘nearly impossible’ for their devices to be repaired, and thus hasn’t played their part in the recycling aspect.

Furthermore, the EAC mentioned that Apple made its products expensive to repair that customers are forced to buy new ones instead. Details such as gluing and soldering internal components to disable chances of repair were also revealed.

The Environmental Audit Committee declares that the UK has the 2nd largest amount of e-waste compared to other countries around the globe.

It’s also surmised that the government has been engaged in illegal exporting of its electronic waste overseas, where it ends up in landfill or gets incinerated. The report estimates that 40% of its waste are dumped in other countries.

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