The Best And Worst Smartphone Branding Partnerships

The Best And Worst Smartphone Branding Partnerships

The Best And Worst Smartphone Branding Partnerships

In this short blog post, you will see the worst phone branding partnerships ever been on the market. We will show you their specifics and design.


In today’s highly competitive smartphone market, it is difficult to stand out from the best mobile phones. As a result, big and small brands regularly cooperate with brands in other industries to promote their latest smartphones and have already highlighted related brands for marketing purposes. Or just for entertainment purposes, special edition models are undoubtedly nothing new to the smartphone industry. Let’s take a look at some of the best and worst partnership ideas that have emerged in the past few years. Now you can customize your smartphone without the collaboration of camera lens experts.

In the past few years, Leica and Zeiss brands have appeared on various smartphones, and Hasselblad recently joined the OnePlus 9 series party because photography is a very important factor in consumer shopping. Today, the Camera Industry Association can help sell smartphones, although so far, industry giants Apple and Samsung have not stopped this trend. How important these associations are is still controversial. Some brands of smartphones have received a lot of praise, but they are disappointing in terms of sales, such as Huawei’s P40 series and Leica’s Mate 40 (US trade ban will not help), and Zeiss’s Sony Xperia 1. II. In the latter case, it is difficult to name a smartphone brand that no longer cooperates with Zeiss, but this undoubtedly reduces the appeal of the so-called exclusive brand. The dual cooperation between Nokia and Zeiss and Light produced the strange-looking Nokia 9 PureView (as shown in the picture above). Light’s multi-touch technology was still in the experimental stage and has not been copied since. This is all you need to know about how this phone is made. Even with the popular PureView brand, we cannot convince Nokia’s five-camera setup to pay off.

Although certain camera partnerships can work, they definitely cannot guarantee the quality of a photographic supercar smartphone. These are not the only big names in Lenovo games. Smartphones and supercars also seem to be perfect. The Huawei Mate series has several works painted with the Porsche brand and body. Recent examples include Huawei Mate 40 RS and Watch GT2. In addition, OnePlus has improved some flagship products with the help of McLaren designers. The last partnership ended after the release of the OnePlus 7T Pro Edition, so we may not see OnePlus McLaren smartphones in the future. Let us also not forget the release of Oppo Find X Lamborghini. Of course, high-end brands have higher prices, and these batches of phones are not cheap. The OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition costs 799 pounds (approximately US$1,121), which is 100 pounds more than the standard model and a little more than the paint job. Huawei Porsche brand models are even more expensive. In 2018, the price of the Mate 20 RS was 1,695 euros, which was much higher than the Mate 20 Pro’s 1,050 euros price. It is almost certain, although it is clear that these phones are compelling and should not be sold in bulk. Stylish, gorgeous cameras and cars are just the latest brand trends in the wireless business. There is always an awkward bridge between technology and fashion. Just look at the real phenomenon of iPhone snobs.

Since the era of ordinary telephones, we have seen fashion brands flirting with telephone associations. Most of the results are amazing, almost terrible. One of my favorite classics is the Dolce & Gabbana Motorola Razr V3I, which is priced at £399 in gold and does not even come with any accessories, although it does come with special D&G ringtones. Who will forget Vertu? Nokia has sold a small number of obsolete smartphones for more than $10,000. Not surprisingly, this business model bankrupted him in just a few years. But Vertu has been fighting for some reason, robbing customers in China with the returned Aster P model for a price of 98,000 yuan (approximately US$14,000). Today’s high-end smartphones are not without fashion associations. The striped version is priced at US$2,480. This is almost twice the price of the standard Galaxy Z Flip. Thom Browne Galaxy Fold 2 is priced at US$3,299, but as Samsung said: “This is not only an ecosystem, it is a way of life. I think fortunately there are a few people who don’t have to worry about the price tag. However, failed products are not entirely rubbish. But as early as 2006, there was no smartphone in the modern Android sense.


The best and worst smartphone branding partnerships - Android Authority

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