Sky offers BT and Virgin users a big incentive to switch TV and broadband

Sky offers BT and Virgin users a big incentive to switch TV and broadband

Sky is giving new customers the chance to get money back on their bill if they switch to the firm and it could make changing suppliers a much more attractive option. This latest incentive is open to anyone who is facing the nightmare of being charged for leaving their current contract early with Sky then refunding up to £200 when they join.

Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – including BT and Virgin Media – will charge a fee if a customer decides to cancel their contract early.

For example, BT says anyone who leaves before the end of the agreed term will face a fee that is the total of the remaining amount they would have paid up to the end of their minimum period.

The final bill is minus VAT and the costs BT saves by the person leaving early. So if your bill is £35 per month and you have four months left to go on your deal BT will charge you a total of £67.32 to switch to someone else.

Virgin Media will also charge customers to leave with the firm capping its total charges at £240.

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If you want both TV and broadband these deals start from £33 per month.

Sky isn’t the only firm that is offering incentives for anyone making the switch to its broadband.

Vodafone has also announced that it is offering much cheaper prices to anyone happy to leave their current ISP. In fact, Vodafone is undercutting rivals such as BT and Virgin by as much as £500 depending on what speeds customers opt for. Prices for Vodafone’s new “Switch and Save” plans start from just £19.50 – that’s for its slowest 35Mbps speeds.

If you want something faster then you can opt for 500Mbps for £35 per month or 900Mbps for £60.

Finally, UK firm Hyperoptic is giving customers the chance to grab a hefty discount.

Anyone with this service in their street can get 50Mbps speeds for just £15 per month or 500Mbps for £30.

There’s also a ludicrously fast 1Gbps option for £35 per month which allows users to download a full HD movie in just 40 seconds.

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