Should you buy the M1 MacBook Air?

Should you buy the M1 MacBook Air?

Apple introduced the updated MacBook Air in November. The striking new thing is the chip inside the machine which is made by Apple and not by Intel. The company has stuck with Intel for almost 15 years but has now decided to make its own chips for the Mac as well. The M1 chip in the MacBook Air makes the $999 laptop a powerhouse for a lot of tasks.

Majority of the reviews published over the past month have appreciated the performance the M1 MacBook Air brings without using a fan. The previous generation MacBook Air with a fan barely comes close to the performance the new MacBook Air has to offer. The M1 chip is based on the ARM architecture – the same architecture used for mobile processors that power the iPhone, the iPad, the Apple TV, and a lot of other categories.

Much faster than the previous gen

The M1 MacBook Air is capable of running some tasks much faster than even the 16” MacBook Pro. Professional grade apps like Xcode and Final Cut Pro have been optimized for the new ARM architecture the M1 chip is based on. The new MacBook will however fall behind the 16” MacBook Pro in long execution processes as it lacks a fan. However, for medium level video editing and coding, the new MacBook Air offers a major leap in terms of performance.

M1 MacBook Air
M1 MacBook Air

The M1 MacBook Air now also packs Apple’s P3 color gamut display which was previously only found on the MacBook Pro models. The webcam quality has also been slightly improved by the use of software optimizations but the sensor remains the same as the previous generation MacBook Air. 

The M1 MacBook Air is a very good machine. For medium level professional work or even light weight work, it is the best machine. Students can avail $100 discount through Apple’s Education Store.

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