Set Up a Desk MagSafe Convenient Charger Dock at 20% Off

Set Up a Desk MagSafe Convenient Charger Dock at 20% Off

A wireless MagSafe charging setup is vital for iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 owners, and for this reason Satechi’s dock is a great addition. Today, you can buy the Satechi Aluminum Dock for MagSafe for just $19.99, down $5 from its original price of $25 on Amazon.

Satechi’s dock is perfectly molded and shaped to accommodate MagSafe and has simple instructions that make installation very easy. The aluminum material and color complement the MagSafe adapter very well and looks sleek on any surface.

It’s low-profile and compact enough to not leave a large footprint. You can bring it with you, or set up a dock on every work from home station, nightstand or table. As far as stability is concerned, you can count on the dock’s micro suction padding to hold your phone and charger in place.

Charge and dock with the Satechi MagSafe Aluminum Dock and you won’t want any other method of charging again. At $5 off, it’s definitely a must-get!

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