Redesigned MacBook Air to launch in 2022

Redesigned MacBook Air to launch in 2022

Apple unveiled the M1 MacBook Air in November 2020 – the first batch of Mac computers powered by ARM based in-house designed chips. However, the design of the machine has largely remained unchanged since 2018. To give the machine a major makeover, the company is expected to unveil a redesigned MacBook Air in 2022.

The MacBook Air is the best all around laptop while being value for money. The M1 chip has made the laptop well rounded while keeping the previous qualities such as premium build, quality speakers, great keyboard, etc. While there is nothing wrong with the design of the current generation MacBook Air, it is due for an upgrade. The company could introduce the notch design on the upcoming MacBook Air as well, similar to the recently launched MacBook Pro models.

Colourful touch to the non-Pro Macs

It has been previously rumoured that the upcoming MacBook Air models will come in several colors, similar to the 2021 iMac. The company appears to be making its non-Pro machines more colorful and appealing to the masses while keeping the “Pro” branded devices simple and available in two colors. For years, the iMac was only available in the standard silver color; later on the ‘Space Grey’ color was added to the iMac Pro edition. This year, the colorful M1 iMac replaced all the iMac models – both the standard 21.5” and 27” iMac and also the iMac Pro.

2021 Apple iMac

The new 24” M1 iMac comes in a new thin form factor. It is so thin that it does not have the 3.5mm headphone jack at the back; it is now present on the back. Also, all the ports have been removed in-favour of the new USB-C and Thunderbolt standard. Nonetheless, the Ethernet jack continues to be available but on the power brick – a smart design choice. 

The upcoming MacBook Air in 2022 is also expected to bring back some ports such as the HDMI port and the SD card slot. 

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