Pre-Launch Prototype images of the iPod surface online

Pre-Launch Prototype images of the iPod surface online

Photos of an iPod prototype have been shared online in line with the device’s 20th anniversary of its unveiling to the public.

App developer Panic recently uploaded photographs of the iPod prototype on its blog, which shows the music player in its early form. The enclosure is certainly bigger than what the original iPod came to, and at the front are wheeled divots, control buttons and a small display at the top right section.

The prototype image also showed FireWire and audio ports, as well as cut-outs that show a JTAG interface for on-device debugging. As for the inside, the components are much smaller than the enclosure and reveal a lot of empty space.

A sticker in the component showed the date September 3, 2001, just two months shy of the first unveiling of the music player. As for authenticity, it’s believed that the prototype is genuine due to identifying marks and the addition of the ‘SPG Development’ sticker that was shown in the teardown.

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