PDQ buys SimpleMDM to expand into iOS and macOS territory

PDQ buys SimpleMDM to expand into iOS and macOS territory

Device management company PDQ has recently reached a buyout agreement with SimpleMDM, an iOS and macOS device management firm on October 6.

PDQ, producer of IT asset management software mostly works with Windows devices. The latest deal gives us a sneak peek of what the company intends to do next, which is probably an expansion into macOS and iOS territory.

SimpleMDM utilizes a cloud interface for Apple application and device management. PDQ currently has an estimated organization base of 19,000 while SimpleMDM is believed to have approximately 3,000 users. PDQ’s client list includes the University of Utah, NASA, HBO, Coca-Cola, BMW and 3M, while SimpleMDM’s client list includes Rosetta Stone, FedEx, RipCurl, Discovery and more.

Dan Cook, PDQ CEO stated that the company is looking for more ways to help IT professionals turn their energy to where it’s needed the most. With the acquisition of SimpleMDM, Cook says that their sysadmin assistance strategy is reinforced.

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