M1 Mac Mini makes Apple #1 Desktop PC maker in Japan

M1 Mac Mini makes Apple #1 Desktop PC maker in Japan

Mac Mini has mostly always been a popular machine because of its affordable price. However, the 2018 Mac Mini changed the perspective as the starting price increased from $499 to $799. But Apple is back again: offering a lot for a reasonable price. The new M1 Mac Mini packs a lot of performance for  $699 and in just a month has made Apple the #1 desktop PC maker in Japan.

In just two months of release, the Mac Mini has catapulted Apple to take the king’s position in the desktop PC market. Japanese analytical firm BCN Retail has said that Apple now occupies 27.1% of the market share, marking a 14.4% increase from just two months ago. The firm also added that between August 1 and November 3, Apple only occupied 15% of the market share.

A huge increase in sales

Apple has reportedly seen 14.4% increase in a single week, according to BCN Retail. However, the data is being confirmed to a period of two months, so the data may not be 100% precise. Nonetheless, it’s clear that the M1 Mac Mini has become a popular machine and there is an increasing interest in the machine.

M1 Mac Mini makes Apple #1 Desktop PC maker in Japan

2020 has been a good year for the Mac, as people have been home and require proper work grade machines. People who would have previously ignored their home needs as they already had computers at office, invested in new computers and the PC market has seen strong sales. As part of that, Apple has seen a major increase in sales of its Mac computers as people require Macs over iPads or iPhones when working from home.

Apple recently revealed that it saw the highest sales of Macs ever in its history pertaining to the Q4 2020. The M1 Macs continue to woo more consumers to invest in a Mac.

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