iOS Netflix games might appear on App Store

iOS Netflix games might appear on App Store

A report claims that Netflix games will be released as standalone apps users can download on the App Store instead of inside the streaming app.

Netflix released its initial group of games November 3 on Android. For iOS, it’s expected that the games will appear after a few months but due to App Store rules they might appear differently.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg mentioned that Netflix will have its games via the App Store. The games can still be seen in-app, but tapping on them will redirect users to standalone apps on Apple’s platform.

Gurman also said that it might work to bring the games to iOS without getting in the way of App Store guidelines, but the move won’t be the best one for Netflix since users usually prefer all-in-one services. To skirt around the limitation, Gurman suggests that Netflix could bring its games to the cloud, or that Apple provides an exception.

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