iFixit reveals Teardown video of the Apple Watch Series 7

iFixit reveals Teardown video of the Apple Watch Series 7

iFixit has uploaded a new YouTube video showing the innards of the recently released Apple Watch Series 7.

The teardown video highlighted both 45mm and 41mm versions and revealed several new details in the process. The 45mm model sports a 1.189Wh battery while the 41mm model has a 1.094Wh battery. In comparison, the Series 6 44mm model has a 1.17Wh battery while the 40mm model has a 1.024Wh battery.

In both cases the batteries were slightly wider but it could be due to the bigger display it has to power. For internals, the components of the Apple Watch Series 7 are more or less the same compared to the Series 6 but with several differences such as the absence of a diagnostic port bracket.

iFixit notes that the new display technology was likely ‘a pain to manufacture at scale’, and gave the Series 7 a score of 6/10 for repairability. The full video is available to watch on iFixit’s official YouTube channel.

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