HomePod Mini and HomePod update 14.3 available now

HomePod Mini and HomePod update 14.3 available now

Just a day after the official release of iOS 14.3 Apple has launched the 14.3 software update for its smart speaker lineup, namely the HomePod and HomePod mini.

The 14.3 update for HomePod mini and HomePod was released a month after 14.2 was made available to the public. With it are new Intercom and Siri features.

HomePod mini and HomePod owners can now get the update by connecting their devices to their iPhones and going to Settings. Alternately, they can set the auto-update to on and wait for it to be applied on their devices.

According to Apple, the patch release notes of 14.3 reveals ‘stability fixes and general performance improvements’. Normally, HomePod mini and HomePod-only updates are more sporadic compared to other devices and usually include feature improvements and bug fixes.

The HomePod mini was released November 2020 in a smaller form factor than the HomePod. It’s normally priced at $100 and has the same Siri features as the HomePod.

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