Google Maps users will lose crucial feature if they don’t agree to new terms

Google Maps users will lose crucial feature if they don’t agree to new terms

Google Maps this week will start prompting users to agree to new terms. The popular iOS and Android navigation app will ask users if they explicitly agree to having their location data used to improve the service. Google says this GPS data is used for real-time traffic updates and to detect any delays.

From today, Monday August 30, Google Maps users will be asked to opt-in via an in-app prompt, according to MSPoweruser.

The message in the Google Maps app says: “How navigation data makes Maps better. Google uses your and other people’s navigation data to improve Maps for everyone.

“As you navigate, Google collects details, such as GPS location and the route you took. This data may be used to make information, including real-time traffic conditions and disruptions, visible to others and help them find the fastest route.

“These updates to the map won’t be associated with your Google Account or device.”

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The search engine giant explains: “When you use Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation, Google collects data to help reflect the world in real-time for everyone. Data, such as: GPS location, transportation mode, navigation details such as the route you took, sensor data from your devices, such as the barometer.

“Google uses your data by itself or combined with others to make Maps better, such as: improving navigation, suggesting faster alternate routes to save time, showing real-time updates, such as traffic, disruptions, and weather conditions”.

While describing how location data is protected, the Android makers added: “Navigation data, such as the route you took, isn’t associated with your Google Account. Instead, it’s associated with a securely generated identifier that resets on a regular basis. That means Maps can’t look up your navigation data based on your Google Account.

“Other data collected as you explore the world, such as the directions you searched for in Google Search before starting navigation, may be associated with your Google Account. You can change controls and manage activity, such as Location History or Web & App Activity, by visiting Your data in Maps.

“We only collect the navigation data we need to provide the best Maps experience for everyone—after processing, it’s deleted. We don’t associate updates to the map with your Google Account or device.”

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