Google iOS apps to have privacy labels soon

Google iOS apps to have privacy labels soon

Just recently Apple has added a ‘privacy label’ feature, which lists the data collected by an app before agreeing to have it installed. Fast Company has noted that Google hasn’t updated its apps to have them and may take a stance against it, but this isn’t the case.

TechCrunch mentioned that Google is planning to add the required App privacy labels next week at the latest, and possibly implement the same for its Android and Play Store ecosystem.

The App Privacy information was announced in iOS 14 and added in the iOS 14.3 update. App Store and Apple consumers can see the data, e.g., labels are used to track, link and anonymized to make for a more informed decision.

Privacy labels seems to have generated a controversy, with Facebook saying how it hurts small businesses. It took effect on December 8 and all developers were required to have it in order for their app to be allowed in the App Store.

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