FaceTime now working in UAE

FaceTime now working in UAE

Apple users in the UAE can now use FaceTime, which has been banned for a long time in the region.

Its usage in the UAE has been minimal due to the region’s restrictions on video calling apps, with the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority controlling this aspect. However, Associated Press journalists recently discovered that the ban has been lifted and they could now experience Apple’s video calling with good quality audio.

The reason for the block lift is yet to be announced. Similar apps such as Skype and WhatsApp continue to be unusable in the region. The UAE has not made a comment nor explained why the video calling blocks were there.

FaceTime worked for brief periods of time after iOS 13.6 was launched. However, it was blocked again after a while. In 2018, both Microsoft and Apple tried to convince the UAE government to lift its video calling restrictions but to no avail.

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