DON’T send another Gmail message until you make a change to your inbox

DON’T send another Gmail message until you make a change to your inbox

All Gmail users would be wise to check their settings before sending any more messages via the popular email service. That’s because there’s a very simple change to be made that could save a whole lot of embarrassment.

We’ve all posted a message via email that we’ve probably regretted once the “send” button has been tapped. It could be an unfortunate typo in an email to your boss or words that have been said in the heat of the moment that were probably best kept in your head and not written down in black and white.

Luckily, there is a way to recall a message once it’s been whizzed across the web but you’ll need to make some changes for this Gmail function to be of any actual use.

The default settings for Gmail’s “Unsend” feature is just five seconds which really isn’t going to give you a whole lot of time to think about what’s been said and recall the message.

However, it’s very easy to change this option and give yourself a little breathing space once something has been sent to a contact.

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To change things up simply head to settings in your inbox then tap “See all settings”

From this menu, tap General, then look for the Undo Send option.

You can then simply click on the drop-down menu and switch things from 5 seconds to a number of other time options including 10, 20 and 30 seconds. Once a message is sent you’ll then see the option to Undo the action appear at the bottom left of the screen.

Of course, you’re still going to need to be fairly quick to recall what’s just been said but 30 seconds is certainly a whole lot better than the five seconds Google sets as standard.

This simple change isn’t the only thing Gmail users should be aware of.

That’s because Google recently announced another useful upgrade that is aimed at helping users of its service spot official emails more easily with companies such as banks now able to add a verified logo to all the messages they send out.

Think of it a little like the famous blue tick on Twitter, which shows that the account has been given the thumbs up by the social network and is not an imposter.

With so many scams arriving into inboxes every day, this new system should mean customers never miss important emails as they’ll instantly see that it’s come from a real source and isn’t fake.

Speaking about the update, Google said: “Today we’re announcing that over the coming weeks we’re rolling out Gmail’s general support of BIMI, an industry standard that aims to drive adoption of strong sender authentication for the entire email ecosystem. BIMI provides email recipients and email security systems increased confidence in the source of emails, and enables senders to provide their audience with a more immersive experience.”

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