Crucial iOS update is breaking iPhones but avoiding it could be worse

Crucial iOS update is breaking iPhones but avoiding it could be worse

The latest version of Apple’s smartphone operating system, iOS 14, was released a few weeks ago but it already appears to be causing issues for some unlucky iPhone customers.

Upgrading to iOS 14.7.1 was supposed to fix bugs and security issues. But hundreds of iPhone users are now turning to Apple’s support forums to complain the upgrade has “broken” their smartphones.

Installing the new version stops phones from connecting to mobile networks, say affected users. Instead, their iPhones display a “no service” message – making them useless unless connected to WiFi. Others have said their batteries are draining faster than before or their phones are overheating.

According to the reports, almost all iPhone models have been affected – from the latest iPhone 12 series right back to much older models like the iPhone 6 and 7 ranges.

One user posted: “I have an iPhone 11 and I have installed iOS 14.4.7 and since then I do not have the signal or cellular data. It is displayed “no service” or “searching”. I tried a lot of things like : exchange the SIM, eSIM, reset network settings, erase all content and settings….same issues.”

“This is an outrage!” another added. “My phone (iPhone 12 Pro) updated automatically when I was asleep and it now says ‘No Service’! I’m frustrated! I tried everything from their support page on how to fix this nonsense but we all know that the problem is caused by the new iOS update. I cannot believe that I can’t use my phone for the whole day!”

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Commentators are sharing possible fixes, including restarting the phone, swapping out the SIM and resetting network settings – however, none of these appear to be working.

According to Forbes, the issue is triggered when you lose your mobile connection and switch to a WiFi call. The phone will fail to reconnect even when there is good service available again. This means users in areas with good reception may never notice the bug.

Although this bug sounds pretty scary it’s not as bad as ignoring the upgrade. Unfortunately, 14.7.1 has a fix to a “zero day” security flaw – putting your phone at serious risk of attack from hackers. This rating basically means that the threats are already being exploited in the wild which is why it’s so crucial to make sure your iPhone is updated.

Apple is thought to be working on a new version of iOS, 14.8, ahead of the release of iOS 15 next month, which should fix the signal loss issue.

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