Beats Flex Headphones get price increase

Beats Flex Headphones get price increase

Apple increased the price tag of its Beats Flex headphones in a move that signals supply chain constraints and raised component costs across the industry.

Before, the Beats Flex headphones were priced $49.99 but now it’s up to $69.99. It was released in October last year with a lower price compared to other Apple-branded headphones. The popular Apple audio accessory seemed to have greater susceptibility compared to other products, but the $20 increase still makes it a budget option.

The Beats Flex is compatible with the Find My feature and has Fast Fuel charging that provides an hour and a half worth of playback on a 10-minute charge, and up to 12 hours of listening on a single full charge. It’s powered by the W1 chip and has an auto play and pause technology. The headphones is available in several colors, including Smoke Gray, Yuzu Yellow, Flame Blue and Black.

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