Apple Fitness+ introduces guided meditation and pilates workouts

Apple Fitness+ introduces guided meditation and pilates workouts

Apple’s fitness platform has gained several notable additions, including Pilates workouts, a new Guided Meditations section and a guide, titled ‘workouts to get ready for snow season’.

The Cupertino-based company promised Guided Meditations last month and delivered. It’s a new type of workout that’s based on the Mindful Cooldowns section, where users can follow it to ‘reduce everyday stress, develop a greater sense of awareness and build resilience to face life’s challenges’.

Pilates is a new addition alongside Yoga, Core and Strength workouts. It’s a low-impact activity where flexibility and strength are emphasized. Fitness professionals Darryl Whiting and Marimba Gold-Watts will be heading the sessions. Lastly, ‘workouts to get ready for snow season’ is a workout guide intended for snowboarders and skiers.

Apple Fitness+ is set to expand to 15 more regions, including the UAE, Switzerland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Portugal, Mexico, Malaysia, Italy, Indonesia, Germany, France, Colombia, Brazil and Austria. SharePlay-enabled group workouts is also expected to launch this year.

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