Apple changes serial number format to randomized

Apple changes serial number format to randomized

Apple will be making a change in its serial number format in the form of randomization for future products.

The Cupertino-based company revealed in an internal email how products will have a series of alphanumeric characters between 8 to 14 long. Also, configuration code and manufacturing details will no longer be included. The company mentions that implementation is expected to begin early this year, and that IMEIs will not change.

Current products will still hold to a non-randomized format and allow owners and service providers to know the location where the product was manufactured and its date as well. The first three digits reveal the manufacturing location, while the subsequent ones reveal the week and year of manufacture. The last four digits show the storage capacity, color and device model.

Apple has planned to have the randomized format as early as 2020 but the pandemic hit and progress was delayed.

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