Apple announces San Jose homeless housing initiative

Apple announces San Jose homeless housing initiative

Apple has recently introduced a new program to help the homeless people living in San Jose.

It’s reported that Apple will be spending millions of dollars which will come from the $2.5 billion initiative to address the housing shortage in California.

Relocation and outreach will be done on up to 70 individuals who are currently living in an undeveloped portion of land at the North 1st Street and Component Drive.

The Cupertino-based company recently sent out a statement that they have been aiding the housing crisis and working to support at-risk communities, as well as providing new affordable housing units for them.

With the San Jose project, Apple has partnered with local groups for a few months to see what support and housing alternatives they could give for transitioning out of Component Drive.

Apple also stated that they intend to create affordable long-term housing in the site. Outreach started this week and was headed by a non-profit organization called HomeFirst.

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