Apple Adds Two New Kids’ Series To Apple TV+

Apple Adds Two New Kids’ Series To Apple TV+

Apple TV+ will be receiving not just one, but two new TV series aimed at kids after it revealed two trailer videos on its YouTube channel.

‘Get Rolling with Otis’ is taken from Penguin Random House and created by Loren Long. The animated series features a little tractor named Otis who helps out friends in need. Vince Commisso, Loren Long, Angela Santomero, Jane Startz and Wendy Harris will be the executive producers.

‘Puppy Place’ is from Scholastic and created by Ellen Miles. The live-action show tells the story of a family who foster puppies and find loving homes for the little canines. In every episode, Lizzie and Charles Peterson detail what makes the pup special and how they use it to overcome personal problems.

Iole Lucchese, Jef Kaminsky, Andrew Green and Caitlin Friedman serve as the show’s executive producers.

‘Get Rolling with Otis’ is set to debut October 8, while ‘Puppy Place’ will premiere on October 15.

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