IP Audio Interface PRS-1AIP1

Network hardware
  • Digital audio transmission between public address systems on remote locations
  • Designed to comply to international standards for emergency sound systems
  • Supervised control inputs and control outputs
  • A single unit can act as transmitter, receiver or both
  • Installation and configuration via standard web browser
  • Support for re-broadcasting to extend the system size
  • Built-in configurable audio delay


The PRS 1AIP1 IP Audio Interface is a universal, Internet Protocol based audio device supporting VoIP and Audio over IP applications. It is used for bridging audio and contact closures over long distance LAN and WAN networks. It extends and interfaces to e.g. Praesideo and non network based traditional public address systems, like Plena, without the need for a PC during operation. The device has analog audio line inputs and line outputs for easy interfacing, it has optional pilot tone supervision and generation for emergency sound purposes. One audio input can be switched to microphone sensitivity with built in microphone supervision. Control inputs and outputs can be used to set up an audio connection to start a remote call, but also to pass remote fault events to e.g. a system controller. Also, the control inputs offer cable and connection supervision, and can activate (remote) control outputs.

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