3 Ways to Keep Gutters Clean

3 Ways to Keep Gutters Clean

One of these guards won’t totally free you of ladder duty, but it could buy you time between checkups.

Mesh-screen caps

  • How they work: A vinyl, plastic, or metal grid sits atop the gutter, letting water in while keeping leaves out.
  • Your job: Brushing aside any accumulated debris from time to time to prevent runoff from cascading over the face of the gutter.
  • The cost: Seamless, pro-installed systems start near $5 per linear foot, while snap-on DIY options, which are more visible, start at about 33 cents per foot.

Foam inserts

  • How they work A porous foam that fits half-round or K-style gutters blocks leaves while letting water through. These DIY guards often come in 4-foot sections that are easily trimmed to turn corners or fit around hangers. Because they nest inside the gutter, they’re hidden from view.
  • Your job: Regular debris removal.
  • The cost: From $1.75 to $3.50 per linear foot.

Surface-tension hoods

  • How they work: As with mesh, a hood (shown above) sits on top; water follows its rounded edge and flows into the gutter, though heavy rains can overwhelm it. Some hoods have clips that make it easy to remove them to check gutters.
  • Your job: Occasional clearing of small debris.
  • The cost: From $15 per linear foot when a pro installs them, and from $2.50 if it’s DIY.

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