When everything’s on the line, protection is critical | DuPont

When everything’s on the line, protection is critical | DuPont

When everything’s on the line, protection is critical | DuPont

Having the right PPE can make all the difference during an electrical arc flash.

Industrial electrical and oil & gas workers face a range of on-the-job thermal hazards, but perhaps none more severe than arc flash. Due to the high voltages and currents used in commercial and industrial settings, an electrical arc flash can produce temperatures up to 20,000°C in a fraction of a second, causing severe injury and even death.

A breakthrough in arc flash protection

From the innovative double-faced technology of Nomex® Xtreme Arc and Nomex® Arc to the trusted performance of Nomex® Essential Arc, DuPont continues to help enable the most comfortable, lightweight, and high-performing electrical arc flash and thermal protection.

The innovative bubble effect technology

Nomex® Xtreme Arc and Nomex® Arc feature a revolutionary double-faced construction that helps provide electrical workers superior electric arc flash protection. When heat is applied to these fabrics, the internal layer puckers, causing bubbles to form. These bubbles create a critical layer of insulation that delivers outstanding performance and protection in arc flash and flash fire situations.

The way I see the bubble effect is that it’s like an airbag engineered into a fabric. Just like airbags in cars are ready to spring into action when an accident happens, the technology built into Nomex® Xtreme Arc and Nomex® Arc that keeps the fabrics lightweight and comfortable to wear but it immediately forms air pockets that provide crucial protection when it’s needed most.”

-Aasim Atiq

Global Application Development Leader (Utilities & Mining)

DuPont Personal Protection

For thermal and arc hazards across a wide range of industries, Nomex® fabrics offer a tested, trusted and proven portfolio of protection. See how bubble effect technology is revolutionizing electrical arc flash protection.




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