What to Know Before Buying An Electric Vehicle

What to Know Before Buying An Electric Vehicle

4. Know Where the Public Charging Stations are on Your Route

Again, for most people, a daily charge in the garage is enough, but if you’re planning to drive somewhere different or for a longer stretch, know where those public charging stations are. Especially during busy drive times, these can fill up fast and lead to long wait times. 

5. Get the Best Battery

Although it will cost more, you’ll want to get the battery with the longest lifespan. Not only will you run into fewer charging emergencies, but you will get a higher resale value when it’s time to sell the car. 

6. Beware of the Hidden Costs of Electric Vehicles

Yes, you will save on gas and help the environment, but there are other expenses to understand. Insurance costs for EVs can be higher, as can the sales taxes (some states make up for the loss of gas taxes this way). Tires can wear out faster, and you’ll also be increasing your home electricity draw while charging at home. So, make sure to run the numbers on these things before you buy, and be prepared. 

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