VEVOR Heat Press Machine Review

VEVOR Heat Press Machine Review

Overall, we liked the VEVOR Heat Transfer Machine. It is large and bulky yet easy to setup and use. If you have all the necessary accessories such as heat transfer paper, appropriate printer / ink, vinyl sheets etc., then using this heat transfer machine is just a breeze.

The integrated digital controller allows you set the precise temperature and timer depending on the type of material you are working with. Although the calibration of the temperature sensor is slightly off, you can manage with a handy IR Thermometer.

With VEVOR Heat Press Machine, you can adjust the pressure of the heating plate on the subject. The build quality of the entire machine (except the digital control box) is very good. You need a significant amount of room to place and operate this machine.

The large work surface is one of the advantages of VEVOR Heat Press Machine. You can work on t-shirts, trousers, bags, pillows, aluminum cards etc.

If you are looking a decent heat press machine for t-shirt printing and other similar jobs, then the VEVOR Hea Press Machine is a very good choice.

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