Thermal imaging cameras: The key features electricians should look out for | Bosch

Thermal imaging cameras: The key features electricians should look out for | Bosch

Thermal imaging cameras: The key features electricians should look out for | Bosch

The team at Bosch examine the key features you should be looking for in a thermal imaging camera.

What is a thermal imaging camera?

Thermal imaging is a method of detecting and measuring temperatures, through the process of converting infrared radiation into visible images which use colours to represent different temperatures. Thermal imaging technology can be used to locate both hot and cold spots in seconds, and this can be achieved at safe distances (up to 1.5m) due to being a non-contact method of measurement.

Quickly analysing the current situation, clarifying the requirements for preparing an offer, and checking and documenting work results – Bosch thermal cameras make it easier to perform many common tasks. In the range, Bosch currently has two precise and versatile Professional Thermal Cameras – the GTC 400 C and GTC 600 C. These tools can help identify weak spots as well as thermal bridges, for example, overheating of structural components such as switch cabinets.

Applications for electricians

Thermal imaging cameras are an extremely useful tool that can be used during electrical inspections. They can check electrical components and pinpoint failures in systems, cables, or equipment. This allows for easier and more efficient diagnosis of faults, therefore increasing productivity.

Thermal cameras have many benefits for electricians. They allow you to detect faulty components earlier, for example, by investigating unusual hot spots before it leads to failure. Conversely, a component that has already failed may not heat up in the same way and show up as a cold spot. A major benefit to catching problems early is reduced repair costs, and also being able to visually show clients where the fault lies for accurate quotes.

What should you look for in a quality thermal imaging camera?


With thermal imaging, resolution comes in two components: the infrared sensor resolution and number of pixels on the display. The higher the sensor resolution, the more accurate and clearer a single measuring point will be. This is essential if the job at hand requires measuring smaller objects at further distances. Pixel size indicates the level of detail that the screen displays. The higher number of pixels, the sharper and more detailed the image quality. A combination of high sensor resolution and high number of pixels will give you the clearest quality.

Temperature measurement range

Thermal imaging cameras come in a variety of measuring ranges, so it is important to choose a model that covers the range needed for your job. The latest model from Bosch, the GTC 600 C, hosts an impressive range from -20°C to +600°C, providing additional applications in many environments.


An extremely useful feature is the ability to store and export data. The GTC 400 C and 600 C are both equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which the tool uses to establish its own Wi-Fi hotspot. You can connect your smartphone or tablet to the tool and import the thermal images, including the measured data, via the Bosch Thermal App. This makes it possible to process information immediately and pass it on quickly to your customers or colleagues.

Alternatively, all data can be transferred to a PC via USB-C cable and processed there by means of the free GTC Transfer Software. The GTC 400 C can store up to 500 images, whilst the GTC 600 C can store up to 600.

Furthermore, the GTC 600 C now hosts a new voice note function, allowing you to add a voice note up to 30 seconds long to recorded images. The voice note is easily and conveniently recorded via the integrated microphone and saved in the gallery together with the real and thermal image. This avoids assignment errors, making documentation even easier.

All Professional Bosch power tools have a one-year warranty, which can be extended to a total of three years if the tool is registered on the Bosch Professional website within the first month of purchase.

Watch a full demo video of the Bosch GTC 600 thermal camera here

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