The benefits of PVC-U cable management systems | Marshall-Tufflex

The benefits of PVC-U cable management systems | Marshall-Tufflex

The benefits of PVC-U cable management systems | Marshall-Tufflex

Sustainability is now a priority across all areas of a building’s design. That’s why it is important for installers to understand how responsible cable management systems can benefit them and their project, according to Jon Chamberlain, Managing Director (Designate) at Marshall-Tufflex.

With the government’s target to meet net zero by 2050, sustainability is a key consideration in all areas of a building’s design, and it is becoming an important element at the pre-qualification stage of any major tender.

However, figures show that the construction industry generates a staggering 120million tonnes of waste each year, of which an estimated 25million tonnes end up in landfill sites. It’s clear that more still needs to be done to reduce the amount of waste produced.

As a key influencer on any scheme, the role that professional installers play in making a difference to these figures shouldn’t be underestimated. As such, when selecting cable management products, consider how the materials and products used for each project can contribute to lowering carbon emissions and diverting waste from landfill.

Benefits of PVC-U trunking

PVC-U cable management systems offer a range of benefits including corrosion and combustion resistance – and they’re lightweight, easy to cut and transport around site meaning installation is quick and easy.

Furthermore, there are PVC-U cable management products available on the market that are manufactured using recycled materials, which offer a real opportunity for environmentally conscious professionals to help reduce landfill waste. Like any product specification, quality and performance can vary so it’s important to choose products from reputable manufacturers with proven credentials in the use of recycled content.

In 2020, Marshall-Tufflex recorded an average of 74% recycled content in its PVC-U cable management products, preventing thousands of tonnes of waste from going to landfill. To achieve this, the company uses reclaimed PVC-U from post-industrial waste (off-cuts from PVC-U window production) and post-consumer waste (from PVC-U windows removed from buildings at the end of their lives) in its manufacturing processes.

Durable and reliable

Due to its original application, this type of PVC-U is designed to withstand the elements and these same performance benefits are transferred to its conduit and trunking products – resulting in an incredibly durable and reliable solution, which is a huge benefit to both the customer and environment.

Marshall-Tufflex also has rigorous quality control measures in place to check for colour consistency and surface finish to ensure a glossy white appearance is always achieved. To ensure that there is no waste, if a product doesn’t meet the company’s high standards it’s then recycled back into chips and re-entered into the production process.

It’s also important to recognise that the cost of these products is usually comparable with others of the same quality, so there are no additional budget considerations to take into account.


You should ensure any product specified complies with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals (REACH) standards that looks at the use of chemical substances and the potential impact on the environment and human health. Also check for compliance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Accreditation as this demonstrates that the manufacturer has taken steps to reduce their impact on the environment throughout its business.

When selecting a PVC-U cable management system, serious consideration should be given to the sustainability credentials of the products selected. Always ask your local electrical wholesaler whether the products you’re purchasing are manufactured using recycled content – we recommend opting for solutions that have a minimum of 50% recycled material content, to drive up efficiency as much as possible.

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