The 10 Best Jumper Cables Reviews & Buying Guide

The 10 Best Jumper Cables Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether you’re driving a two-wheeler or a robust SUV, it’s always good to have a pair of jumper cables with you. 

The above statement requires no proof at all. It can be used for both normal testings or emergency purposes. These jumper cables can quickly start your vehicle within several seconds in case your vehicle’s battery goes numb without any warning. 

But here’s a thing, not every jumper cable is meant for your vehicle. Different vehicles demand different types of jumper cables that are specially meant for them. On top of that, there are too many jumper cables manufacturers in the market. What to consider and whom to consider?

No worries, we’ve got you covered. After researching tonnes of cables in the market, finally, we’ve made a list of the best. Before diving into the ultimate list, I want you to have some basic knowledge above what to consider. These factors are given below.


The length of the jumper cables varies a lot, and different vehicles demand different lengths of the easy jumpstart process. For example, in a two-wheeler you might not need a long jumper cable, on the other hand, for your truck, a jumper cable with a long length would be more appropriate. 

The bottom line here is, your jumper cable should at least be 12ft long. Don’t settle below this.


Different jumper cables come with different gauge numbers. These numbers are the part of the American gauge system that gives you an idea about the diameter of the wire. In this case, anything from zero to ten gauge is considerable, depending on the ampere capacity and type of vehicle. 

Here’s an important thing to note. Jumper cables with starting gauge numbers are special to serve the needs of heavy vehicles. On the other hand gauge numbers from six are for medium to small-sized vehicles. 

You can look at the product description of the particular cable for more specific details. 

There’s nothing to worry about if the factors mentioned above are not familiar to you. These were just meant to provide you with a glance. For your consideration, a detailed “Buying Guide” is mentioned at the bottom of the article. 

But now, let us begin with the list.

Best Jumper Cables 2021

Best Jumper Cables Reviews

1. Energizer Jumper Cables

Energizer Jumper Cables

Starting with the most limelight manufacturers of batteries and related components. As its jumper cables effectively take care of every issue you might face during power transmission. Well, there’s no doubt why Energizer comes in the top position of the list.

These 12fts jumper cables come with top-notch clappers that are coated with thick vinyl coating. It doesn’t only ensure the prevention of rust on either side of the wire but also keeps you safe from electricity.

The 10 Gauge wire will be a wise choice for your mid to heavy vehicles such as SUVs, boats, or a sedan. On top of that, these wires are completely non-tangible and immune to every type of weather. Thus, you’ll not have to worry about the health of the wire regardless of how frequent you use them.

Providing customers with extra benefits and more trust is what distinguishes a charming company from others. And Energizer does something similar here. You’ll get a two years warranty is a true game-changer.


  • Thick vinyl coating on the clappers
  • Flexible cables
  • Two-year warranty


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2. Amazon Basics Jumper Cable

Amazon Basics Jumper Cable

The runner up here is the Amazon Basic. These jumper cables reveal the true quality of what the Amazon company is famous for. Getting further into details will help you to know further.

Its 12-ft long length is kind of the sweet spot to get your work done without any hassle. You’ll not have to worry about the positions of the vehicles to establish a secure connection. 

These are 10-gauge high-quality cables that’ll be a reliable player for a seamless power supply. The company suggests these cables will be a perfect fit for your medium to small-sized vehicle. Although, the gauge number makes the cable okay to use it even with the heavier vehicle.

Talking about the clamps, they’re pretty decent. Its tight-grip alligator grip design is easy to handle, protects you from accidents and comes with a 110 amp rating. Moreover, the insulating outer material makes the clamps durable in every season. 

Still, doubts about the quality of the Amazon Basics? No worries, the company provide you with a year of replaceable warranty to help you make a confident purchase.


  • Ideal for small to medium-sized vehicles
  • Clamps are strong and quickly establish connections.


  • The warranty period could’ve been more.

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3. Cartman Booster Cable

Cartman Booster Cable

Cartman Booster Cable is a UL listed jumper cable that has a clear image of providing you with dissatisfying results. These cables would be an ideal pick for mid-sized vehicles to full-sized vehicles. These include cars, cargo vans, and even freight hauling vehicles.

One of the best things that the manufacturer offers you here is a long warranty period. The Cartman’s Booster cable comes with 5 years of replaceable warranty. Thus providing you with utmost support in every weather and usages over a long time.

Another good thing about the Cartman Booster cable is its extraordinary length. These cables are 20ft long to provide you with the effort-free electric transmission. You’ll not have to compromise your comfortable vehicle position, regardless of how far the power source is stored.

Cartman booster has sufficient CCA ( Copper Coated Aluminium) that makes it a perfect partner for your vehicle. The wire will manage to provide the same amount of electricity even in the long run.

At last, the cable’s TPR material coating is what makes customers secure their purchase. The coating not only protects the cables from harsh weather but also provides them with good flexibility.


  • TPR material coating for utmost safety.
  • Flexible cables
  • 5 long years of warranty


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4. EPAuto 6 Gauge x 16 Ft Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cables

EPAuto Jumper Cables

EPAuto jumper cables would be a good fit if you’re running out of budget. However, you’ll not have to compromise the quality expectation. The Amazon reviews reveal, the EPAuto stands on everyone’s expectations.

These jumper cables are 16ft long and are of 6 Gauge. Thus, you get a little more length than the traditional ones. Its 6 Gauge wire makes it a desirable component to transfer electricity in every size of the vehicle. Whether you’re on a motorbike or an SUV, there’s nothing to worry about. 

Sufficient rubber coating is provided throughout the surface of the cable. This provides a cable with an additional strength to bear any weather and prevent you from getting any electric shock. In addition to this, the quality coating makes the wire tangle-free as well.

Here’s a thing that reflects how much EPAuto cares for its customers. Along with a quality travel bag, you also get a pair of rubber gloves. Now, there’s no reason left to charge the vehicles by compromising safety.


  • 16ft long cables 
  • Flexible cables and are immune to every weather
  • Two-year warranty


  • Doesn’t have any specified warranty period.

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5. TOPDC Jumper Cables 0 Gauge 20 Feet

TOPDC Jumper Cables 0 Gauge 20 Feet

Another UL-listed certified cable from the side of TOPDC manufacturers. Their jumper cables are kind of different from the rest of the competition. However, being different here doesn’t mean reducing the quality.

The most extraordinary thing that makes TOPDC jumper cables different is their wire gauge. This company provides you with 0 Gauge wire thickness for heavy power transmission. However, these characteristics do increase the price of the product. But, you can rely on this cable to power a faulty heavy vehicle such as trucks, vans, and boats. 

Talking about the other compositions, there’s nothing to worry about. These jumper cables are 20ft long to cover any desirable vehicle position. Moreover, the tangle-free characteristic will help you to store the cables without any hassle. 

Equipped with thick jaw-designed clamps, you’ll not face many problems connecting to the battery terminals. The thickness here makes the clamps handy and ensures you protect against any electrical shock as well.

Want something more? Well, this high-budget cable comes with a long warranty period of 5 years. It’ll help to make a confident and satisfying purchase.


  • Zero gauges for big-sized vehicles
  • 20ft long
  • Five years of warranty


  • Needs to make a precise attachment with the terminals

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6. HORUSDY 25FT Jumper Cables

HORUSDY 25FT Jumper Cables

HORUSDY is one of the rising Australian companies that has started to gain trust all over the world. Their products have one of the lowest rates of complaining purchases. And their jumper cables are a great example of this.

The company provides you with 1 gauge cable for quick electric transmission. You’ll be able to start the vehicle within a few seconds only. At the same time, this gauge number ensures the longevity of cables too.  

And here’s the best part, these cables provide you with Smart-6-Protector to ensure zero by-polarity. This smart protection system will glow the red LED in case of faulty connections or incorrect positions of clamps. And the green LED light will indicate, you’re good to go with. Thus, provisioning you with utmost circuit inspection and saving you and batteries from any accidents.

These jumper cables are a great example of robust electronics. Its clamps are coated with thick rubber-type insulators that can be easily observed with bare hands. On the other side, the copper coating makes sure you establish a secure connection in a single go.


  • Ensures zero by-polarity issues.
  • Comes with a smart indicator.
  • 25 ft long cables.


  • The warranty period is not specified properly.

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7. AUTOGEN Jumper Cables Pro

AUTOGEN Jumper Cables Pro

AUTOGEN is another famous name in the world of car accessories and necessities. And there’s no doubt their jumper cables won’t disappoint you. This time, they’re here to serve your heavy vehicle needs. Let us inspect further

The AUTOGEN Jumper Cables Pro comes with an exceptionally long length of 30ft. Needless to say, this 30ft of length will cause no issue in making connections to those hard reaching power sources.

This 30ft cable becomes a great fit for your heavy sized vehicles such as boats, trucks, and vans. As the gauge number you get here is 1, there’s no need to worry about the efficiency to power these vehicles.

One of the best parts that these jumper cables provide you with is their utmost insulations. The whole jumper cable is coated with a thick layer of PVC insulation. Thus, the wire becomes immune to every harsh weather and ensures your safety as well.


  • The exceptionally long cable of 30ft
  • Insulated with a thick layer of PVC
  • Two-year warranty


  • Comes with only a year a warranty period.

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8. AWELTEC UL-Listed Jumper Cables

AWELTEC UL-Listed Jumper Cables

Want more premium options for your common-sized vehicles? AWELTEC is another company that provides you with UL-Listed jumper cables. These cable works best to jumpstart the vehicles having an engine of 5L(for gas) and 3L (for diesel).

They are available with patented-designed clamps that establish fault-free connections even with minute physical touch. Moreover, adequate rubber insulation protects you from any possible electric shock. You’ll never face any problem on this side.

Well, the UL listing also meant that this jumper cable can easily pass the harsh temperature test. Thus, whether you live in cold icy areas, there’s nothing to worry about.

On top of everything, the AWLTEC provides you with one year of replaceable warranty. This warranty period is not as much as the other cables provide but is enough to know the quality of the cable.  


  • Ideal for medium-sized vehicles.
  • Powerful clamps
  • Feasibly bear every type of weather.


  • One year of the warranty period

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9. THIKPO G130 Jumper Cables

THIKPO G130 Jumper Cables

The THIKPO G130 jumper cables also provide you with the surety of dealing with hefty vehicles. It’s another jumper cable best suited for vehicles having 8-Liter Gasoline and 6-Liter Diesel Engines. Let us look further at it for more detail.

These jumper cables are also from the family of the 1 Gauge cables. Thus, an ideal choice to power those heavy vehicles within a minute. On top of that, there’s something that makes THIKPO cables, an adorable option to consider. It’s very long. These cables are exceptionally 30ft long that will easily manage to make the connection in those hard reaching power sources.

Needless to say, the gauge 1 characteristic makes these cables thick and immune to every weather. You’ll observe the same efficiency even in extremely cold conditions as well. Needless to say, you can easily carry and store them due to their tangle-free nature.

The THIKPO wires are insulated with double-deck rubber that takes care of your and cable’s health. Moreover, the rubber insulation also makes the cables water-resistant. On the other side, the high-density copper-clad aluminium will provide effective electricity even with the slightest touch of terminals. 

As the company provides you with 5 long years, you can have a worry-free purchase on these cables. This also adds more points to the goodwill of the company.


  • 30ft long 
  • Ideal for hefty vehicles.
  • Five long years of warranty


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10. Nilight Jumper Cable

Nilight Jumper Cable

Do you have a small vehicle and want to save money on jumper cables? The last product on the list is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, if the above situation defines you, the Nilight – GA-ACC-01 would be the best pick.

It costs you less than 10 dollars that too without compromising the quality and safety. As said earlier, it’s best meant for two-wheelers and small cars, you get three ft long cables. The length is comparatively shorter but will do the job effectively.

You can easily rely on these cables up to 30 Amp of current. Thus, plugging the vehicles with a power source for a minute will be more than enough.  On top of that, you’ll get the utmost safety from any potential electric shock.

The clamps are coated with copper-clad aluminium for establishing a powerful connection even with a small touch with the terminals. On the other side, you get two eyelet connectors (ring-type holes) to firmly connect the cables with batteries. 


  • Budget pick
  • 30 Amp of maximum current, decent for two-wheelers.


  • Only 3ft long
  • Doesn’t have proper clamps on one side

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Jumper Cable Buying Guide

The above list might turn out to be a bit confusing to you. They all are mostly with similar feats and don’t have much to compare. This is why we’ve included this detailed buying guide. Going along with this will help you to filter the best cable according to your needs.


There’s no doubt why having a jumper cable with decent length is so important. In the market, there are varieties of jumper cables available with distinct lengths. Here, you should make sure that you’re not facing any issue while plugging your vehicle’s battery with the other vehicle or battery. 

A good bottom line would be to consider a jumper cable with 12 feet of length. This will make sure that you’ll not have to worry about the distance between the two batteries. Anything below 12ft might lead you to trouble. 


The term ‘Gauge’ here is denoted to the American wire gauge system that tells a lot about the diameter of the wire. It’s another important factor to consider. 

Now, different gauge numbers are suitable for different purposes. During electric transmission using jumper cables, a good gauge number would be anywhere from zero to ten. Here, the starting gauge number means the wires are robust and made for heavy electric transmission. On the other hand, a number over six would be a good pick for quick and effective transmission of charge. 

The good news is, we’ve got every jumper cable covered in our list. Thus, no need to worry about picking the best partner according to the type of vehicle you’ve.


Poor insulation in wires is one of the major causes of electric accidents. And you should avoid it at any cost. A jumper cable with quality insulation will not only provide you with utmost safety but will also ensure a long life expectancy. 

A PVC material is one of the widely accepted materials to provide quality insulation. You should have a look at whether your jumper cable comes with PVC insulation or not.


Here comes the main thing, the budget. All of the rest factors depend directly on this factor. Fortunately, the jumper cables don’t cost you a fortune and will easily come under an investment of 10 to 50 dollars.  

However, the price range does vary according to the length and gauge of the cables. Another thing that impacts the budget is the warranty. A quality jumper cable with more warranty period might cost you a bit more as compared to the rest. Although, it would be worth investing every penny.


The clamps of the jumper cables finally decide the final quality of the product. They are mostly alligator-shaped clips, used to connect the terminals of the batteries. Moreover, the clamps with spring jaws are always considered a reliable option. 

Here you ensure, the clamps firmly get connected with the terminals of the battery and don’t lead to any faulty connections. Also, make sure that the clamps are insulated with the rubber on the opposite side for avoiding any electric shock.


I hope the above information would be helpful to make a firm and satisfying decision. The jumper cables indeed are one of the important components of your vehicle. And this adds more reasons to get a quality and reliable product.

You should finalize some of the jumper cables according to your needs from the above list. Now, compare it to the factors mentioned in the buying guide. Nothing much fancy is required. 

Still, feeling dizzy about the conclusion? In that case, I would love to suggest my favourite jumper cables. The Energizer jumper cables would be a great fit for your medium- to large-sized vehicles. 

Did we miss to mention any worthy products from the list? Do let us know by commenting below. 

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