RF Solutions unveils 4-channel RF & Wi-Fi switching unit for Electricians and Engineers

RF Solutions unveils 4-channel RF & Wi-Fi switching unit for Electricians and Engineers

RF Solutions unveils 4-channel RF & Wi-Fi switching unit for Electricians and Engineers

Introducing the RIoT Receiver from RF Solutions – an RF and Wi-Fi control unit, suitable for wireless switching a range of applications.

RIoT – or Radio to Internet of Things – allows the installer the ability to add wireless switching control to any application, such as garden lights, garage doors, gates or other features. It also allows installers to set up control from a smartphone app, as well as a range of handheld RF control switches.

For smartphone control, pair the customer’s smartphone directly to the receiver, set this up on Wi-Fi, then pair any additional smartphones needed. Using the free RIoT Control apps (available on Google Play and Apple Store), you can then create and edit your own buttons to operate the outdoor features from anywhere in the world, direct from Wi-Fi.

For RF control, the receiver is compatible with any of the RF Solutions 868MHz transmitters range, meaning end users can also control relays via RF handheld controls if desired. Compatible FM transmitters enable RF switching from around 200 metres range, with LoRa transmitters capable of operating the receiver from up to 16 kilometres.

Once your switches are paired into your receiver, you can also utilise the acknowledgement feature. This allows you to actively monitor the status of your relays; useful if you are switching relays from a distance and cannot see your application, and if multiple users operate your receiver.

As a 4-channel switching unit, installers can add control to any wired input, with each channel able to switch up to 1000 watts (1KW) per channel. Once relay outputs are wired into the receiver, pair in the customer’s chosen control method.

Each relay can easily be set to operate momentarily when operated via a paired switch, by pressing paired buttons ON or OFF, or via a time delay switch when setting relay timed outputs.

Power supply options are versatile; the receiver can be powered either from a 230Vac MAINS supply or via a low voltage 12 – 32Vdc supply.

RF Solutions Ltd are a leading manufacturer and the largest supplier of RF remote controls and telemetry systems in the United Kingdom.


Available here, the RIoT Receiver is ready to meet the demands of both the Electrical Installer and the end customer.

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