Product Test: Snickers Workwear Litework garments

Product Test: Snickers Workwear Litework garments

Product Test: Snickers Workwear Litework garments

Eager to give his legs an airing in summer working conditions, Graham Anslow of Anslow Electrical slips into some of Snickers Workwear’s LiteWork shorts and t-shirts.

I’ll start by confessing that it’s been a little while since I’ve worn Snickers garments for work purposes, as I had a bad experience previously with some workwear that prematurely ripped.

Willing to give things another try, I was given some of the latest gear from the LiteWork range – shorts (6110) and t-shirts (2511 short sleeved) – and will admit to be very impressed indeed.

Firstly, any issues with ripping have been alleviated by the clear use of different fabrics so the garments can flex much more easily.

Secondly, as the name suggests, the LiteWork garments are light enough to make you feel that you’re not actually wearing anything at times. They’re super comfortable and make working in hot conditions infinitely more bareable.

I’ve tried out the ‘true blue’ 2511 t-shirt, which nicely matches my company colours, and the shorts have a bright blue detail on the zips with some reflective materials to make you more visible.

Pick a pocket or two

On the left hand side of the shorts you’ll find two zip pockets, which are really handy for keeping your smartphone or loose coins/keys clean and tucked away during the working day.

There are also two lower front pockets which are cut on an angle – I’ve not seen this type of thing before but it actually makes a lot of sense in terms of accessibility for the user.

The same can also be said for the back pockets which are also cut at an angle, with no flaps that get in the way – a good feature!

The t-shirt immediately made me feel comfortable in the hotter weather and I’m a real fan of the fit and feel. Details of the established date (1975) are featured in bold down the left hand side which is a smart touch, as is the bright yellow logo.

Overall, I would recommend these to anybody that wants to keep cool on-site while looking the piece at the same time – the quality is some of the best I’ve tried. I’m now looking at investing in some other items in the range, such as trousers and hoodies to match.

Sweating buckets while stuck in boiling hot loft spaces may well be a thing of the past for us sparkies!


Browse the full snickers LiteWork range here

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