Product Test: C.K Tools Dextro VDE Screwdrivers

Product Test: C.K Tools Dextro VDE Screwdrivers

Product Test: C.K Tools Dextro VDE Screwdrivers

Gary Fisher of Lougar Electrical tries out the C.K Tools 5-Piece Dextro VDE Screwdriver Set.

On first impressions these Dextro VDE Screwdrivers from the folk at C.K Tools certainly look the business. They’re presented well in a nice looking box and there’s a strong selection of 5 x screwdrivers to choose from (2 x pozi and 3 x flat), with all the relevant screwdriver types and sizes in there. C.K also offers a 7-Piece set for those who are after a more complete set.

Individually tested

VDE approved, the tools are individually tested to 10,000V for safe live working up to 1,000V. They’re insulated along the full length of the screwdriver up to the last 10-15mm, offering reassurance to the user that the item is safe in the event of a live working issue.

Each screwdriver boasts a quality Chrome Vanadium steel blade for longer, more durable use, while helping to avoid those broken tips that can so often be the scourge of a trade professional’s life. They also feature a long fine neck for precise fingertip control and a precision machined tip for a more exact screw fit and damage-free screw-driving.

The handle has a comfortable feel and I found that my fingers wrapped around it with ease. It is injection moulded directly to the blade to give a stronger bond for increased reliability and durability. The ridges along the head also give extra grip to the user in the last ¼ turn – a useful design.

Real world use

One thing I also noticed on initial use is the fact that the screwdrivers are each marked on the top end of the handle (called ‘Tip Type’ marking), to assist with identifying the right choice of screwdriver for the particular task at hand. I’ve not seen this feature on any other screwdriver I’ve used before, but it is certainly a very good idea!

Over the last few months I’ve used this set as much as possible and I can admit that they’re the only screwdrivers that I now keep in my tool belt. In fact, I’ve actually become quite territorial and have yet to let anyone else use them.

They’re extremely comfortable to operate, and feel solid and well built, which in turns brings confidence in their performance during use. Interestingly, since I started using the screwdrivers I’ve had no aches or sores on the palms of my hands at all, which I can’t say has been the case with other sets that I’ve used previously.

The right mix

The selection on offers covers the vast majority of scenarios you’ll be faced with and I think that C.K has got the mix just right. There have been many occasions in the past where I’ve purchased screwdriver sets and at least two or three will never get any use at all. That is definitely not the case here!

Overall, this is a really good all round set of screwdrivers that you’ll get great use from over time. Full marks to C.K for some of the additional features that have been incorporated in these tools.

To browse the full C.K Dextro VDE Screwdriver range, click here

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