New brands into the test equipment market spells good news for electricians | MGL International Group

New brands into the test equipment market spells good news for electricians | MGL International Group

New brands into the test equipment market spells good news for electricians | MGL International Group

We put the questions to the team at MGL International Group, to find out more about why the launch of two major new brands into the test equipment market spells good news for electricians.

Q. Tell us a little bit about MGL and the company’s history?

MGL International Group boasts more than 30 years of experience dedicated to testing and measuring instrument manufacturing, focusing on quality and innovative products, along with the best service to customers. In 2021 MGL International Group partnered with ATE International in the UK – a move that would help provide world class distribution support to MGL’s UK customer base. ATE International is a team that boasts a long history in both the electrical and automotive markets, along with a wealth of experience in distribution and supply chain logistics.

The combination of MGL’s product range and ATE’s experience with markets and distribution make this a perfect partnership that will enable wholesalers and end users to get their hands on what we believe to be some of the best electrical test and measuring tools on the market.

Q. Why is the company targeting the electrical industry?

MGL International Group has long been established in the electrical test and measurement manufacturing industry, so this is not a new venture. It will, however, be the first time that end users can access our KPS, C-Logic and Mastech ranges.

Q. How does each brand in the MGL range serve the electrical market?

KPS designs, manufactures and sells products and solutions for the professional electrical repair market, and always with the highest levels of quality and competitiveness. The C-Logic and Mastech brands are focused on providing high quality and innovative measuring instruments to the DIY and household electrical user market, along with quality customer service.


Q. Give us a couple of examples of ‘hero’ products in the range that electrical professionals should be looking out for.

There are some great products in the range, with the KPS POWERCOMPACT3020 Power Quality Analyser offering a powerful, portable network analyser developed for professional analysis of consumption and power quality of the most complex electrical networks. The KPS MT720 TRMS Low Impedance Digital Multimeter and KPS MA100 Insulation Tester are two other products we believe will be a big hit with end users.

Q. Why is it important for electricians to have good quality test equipment that they can trust?

Using high quality equipment, such as those units available from KPS and C Logic, not only delivers more quality and consistency, but will also ensure high safety standards. The market has been crying out for a high quality range of test and measurement equipment that combines reliable safety and consistency with affordability, along with advanced technology.

Q. What support and infrastructure does MGL International Group offer in the UK?

As mentioned previously, MGL International Group is partnered in the UK with ATE International who are the UK master distributors for the KPS and C-Logic brands. ATE International provides distribution support to MGL’s UK customers, with stock available for immediate dispatch and two working day delivery times.

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