Made 2 Measure: do you need a new two-pole tester? | Megger

Made 2 Measure: do you need a new two-pole tester? | Megger

Made 2 Measure: do you need a new two-pole tester? | Megger

The technical team at Megger answer the latest equipment-related query.

You ask:

I need a new two-pole tester (voltage detector) but I do a lot of work on systems – some up to 1000 V AC or DC. Is there currently anything on the market that would be suitable?

Megger says:

It sounds like the new Megger TPT420 two-pole tester would be just right for you. It’s compact, robust and reliable, and it’s capable of measuring up to 1000 V AC or 1500 V DC and has a IP64 protection rating. Alternatively, you might want to consider another new Megger product, the MET1000 true-RMS multitester. You can use this up to 1000 V AC or DC, and it has the added benefit of a built-in current clamp for measuring AC current up to 200 A. This has an increased protection rating of IP65 and can also measure resistance up to 50 kΩ and it has a data hold feature. Both of these instruments have built-in torches for safer working in badly lit locations. They’re very easy to use and they won’t trip the RCD or RCBO if you make measurements on protected circuits. They have CAT IV safety ratings and also comply with the EN61243-3:2014 standard for 2-pole voltage detectors. The TPT420 is supplied with a storage pouch as standard, while the MET1000 comes with a belt pouch. Either of these instruments will save you a lot of time and help you to work more safely!

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