How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram?

How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram?

It’s been more than a decade now since Instagram was introduced to the public. With its fascinating features, the social platform could easily become one of the most used platforms in the world. Instagram makes it easy to connect with people from different corners of the world.

However, this social platform has continuously updated its privacy feature for the sake of its customers. These privacy features have been designed to remove or restrict access to a particular user’s content, comments, and messages.

Blocking is one of the privacy features which is very easy to figure out. However, when you’re restricted, it becomes much more complex to find as it will not completely remove the ability to send messages, check content, or interact with them.

So, in this guide, we will try to figure out how to know if someone has restricted you or blocked you on Instagram.

What Does Restricted Mean?

The ability to restrict users is one of the significant privacy features included by Instagram. It allows users to get the ability to limit someone else’s access to their account but not completely remove their access. However, it might become challenging to find out which exact feature has been restricted on Instagram by the particular user.

When a user restricts another user on Instagram, it is far more challenging and subtle too fine. Unlike being blocked outright leaves no access to the user, being restricted can be challenging to understand.

There are different kinds of restrictions on Instagram which will not snatch the ability to check users’ content, including comments, stories, and posts. You will still be able to check them or like their posts like everyone. The limitation will come when you try to message, comment, or check their active status.

1. Restrictions On Comments

If someone restricts your account, the comments will also get restricted. However, you will still be able to check their posts and make public comments on them. When you check from your end, you will not be able to find anything wrong, as you are simply commenting on the posts as usual.

Even when you check the comments on that particular post, you can find them, but the problem is your comments might not be visible to others. Since the user has already restricted you, everything that you comment on it will be hidden and kept in the restricted comment button.

It is up to the user who will decide whether to deny or approve your content to show in public. If that particular user does not approve the comments, it will only become visible to that user and yourself. The comment will not be publicly visible to others. However, the comments that you have made before getting restricted will remain untouched.

2. Restrictions On Activity Status

When someone restricts your account, you will not be notified about their activity status. So, you will no more get to know the last time they checked Instagram. Also, you will not be able to understand the last time they checked your messages.

However, this particular process is not immensely effective as the former one. But it is a great way to understand if any users have restricted you or not. The very first thing that you need is to check that you have enabled your activity status.

If you find that the feature is enabled yet you cannot find any activity status of that person; you might be restricted. Another easy way to understand is if the person has currently posted yet you cannot find any activity status; then you know that you’re already restricted.

3. Restrictions On Messages

When a user restricts you, whatever messages you send will not get disappeared, but they will be gathered in the message request folder. Unlike regular messages, where the user will be notified about a new message, it won’t happen with a message request.

The user who has restricted you will need to check manually by moving to the message request folder for further interaction. And even if the user checks your message, you won’t be notified about it with seen. If you are in a group chat and someone restricts you, everyone in the group will be notified with a warning sign mentioning that a restricted user is present.

How To Tell If Someone Blocked You?

As mentioned above, being restricted is hard to understand. However, finding out if another user has blocked you is relatively simple. Following are some of the major ways to know that the user has blocked you from contacting them on Instagram.

1. Look At Your Messages

If any user blocks you, it will immediately result in disappearing all the interactions that happened between you and that person. So, if you are in a dilemma about whether that user has blocked you whom you have messaged previously, you can simply check the message section.

If you’re unable to find any previous message with that person, it is most likely because you are blocked. Apart from this, there are some chances that the particular user has deleted or deactivated their account.

So, you can cross-check a group chat where the user was present. If the user is still there, but all your messages with that person have disappeared, you are blocked.

2. Use Search

The next way to understand if you are blocked is to check your content area. If you find it empty, but it shows other posts on top, you’re probably being blocked by the user.

However, if the account is private, you need to request that particular user to accept it so that you can find out about their updates. It means that you are not blocked. Apart from this, using the search button, you can write the username yet cannot find a profile; chances are that a particular user has deleted or deactivated their account.

3. Check Your Profile

If you think you are facing some issues while searching the name as you’re continuously using the search button to find a profile, it is better to check your own profile. Remember that when you get blocked by any user, the previous comments will not go away.

You can check a post that the user has previously commented on. It is better that you click on that name to visit the profile. If you don’t find anything in the content area and can’t check the number of posts on top, it probably means the user has blocked you.

4. Use Your Browser

You can also use the web browser to find Instagram users. This is one of the most common ways that not many of us are aware of. So make sure that you are already logged in to your account. Do not write the username but just type your actual name.

You will immediately see your profile shown in the browser. However, if you doubt the user has blocked you, you can similarly type his or her name and check the message. If you see Sorry, this page isn’t available,” it probably means the user has blocked you.

5. Try To Follow Them

On the other hand, if you find a profile of that person, try following them again. As soon as you press the follow button and do not see any change, the person has blocked you.

Remember that being blocked will stop you from requesting that person to follow them. Neither will you be provided with any attempts, nor will they be notified with any information about your attempt.

6. Use A Different Account

If you know that you have been blocked by the user yet want to find out or confirm that the user has blocked you, you are advised to use another account. You can create one or ask your friend to make a search of the profile.

You are blocked if you find that the user’s account is working normally from your alternate account or friend’s account. However, if you get a similar result to the message you are getting from your account, it is more likely that the person has deleted or deactivated the account from Instagram.

The Difference Between Restricted And Blocked On Instagram

Being blocked and restricted on Instagram are two completely different things. It will not only differ in terms of what you see on the user account but also how you can access it. When you visit the user’s profile who has blocked you, you will not get any access to their information. This information includes the number of posts, following, and followers.

On the other hand, in a restricted profile, you can still find the stories, content, and posts made by you. It is tough to determine whether the person has restricted you or not, as everything seems similar.

A blocked account cannot comment on posts, while a restricted account can comment, but it is only visible to that particular user and you. A blocked account won’t be able to send any message to that particular person, while a restricted user can send, which will be accumulated in the message request folder.

There is only one similarity between restricted and blocked users, i.e., no one will be able to get notifications about activity status. The blocked account will instantly remove the notifications, while the restricted user will still get notified when tagged.

Best Practices To Avoid Banned Or Blocked By Instagram

Being restricted or blocked by another user is certainly not a great thing. It either means that you’re bothering the person or that your activities are hampering them. So, it is always better to follow the best practices to ensure seamless use of Instagram features.

1. Don’t Mass Follow And Like

When you overdo activities on Instagram, there are chances of getting blocked. However, it is temporary. One of the most common mistakes made by people is giving too many likes or following too many people on the same day.

This is a general guideline you must follow if you wish to prevent temporary blocks. If you are already using your account for a long time, it is better that you do not exceed more than 60 messages, 60 followers, and 60 likes within an hour.

However, if you have just created an account, you must not exceed 30 follows, 30 messages, and 30 likes within an hour. If you violate these rules, you might be temporarily blocked by Instagram. There will be certain restrictions on your account after being temporarily blocked.

You will no longer be able to send direct messages or follow, like and comment anywhere. You have to wait for two hours which can exceed 2 weeks. However, if you have not violated the rules yet are facing trouble following people, you can reach out to the help center on Instagram to get solutions to these issues.

2. Don’t Share Images Or Videos That Break The Rules

Instagram has strict rules that every user needs to follow. When you post content that violates the laws, you might be banned from using Instagram again from the same account.

Some of the videos or photos that you must not post on Instagram include sexual content, naked pictures, or content with violence. Do not try to attempt posting inappropriate content, as it can get you banned from Instagram.

3. User Complaints

User complaints can be made due to several reasons. If any user finds you inappropriate or threatening or believes you are violating the rules, they can easily choose to report your profile. When more people start reporting your account, Instagram is going to block you.

So, being an Instagram user, You must be aware of the rules before posting any content. It is better that you don’t hit or be offensive to anyone. Another most common way is copyright infringement.

You must know the content you share on Instagram with pictures does not belong to any other page. If you share a picture that belongs to someone else, do not forget to tag the person to provide credibility. In case you don’t, copyright infringement issues can have a severe impact on you.

4. Don’t Jump From Device To Device

When you constantly log in to your Instagram account from different devices which have different IP addresses, there might be temporary restrictions on the account.

In such times, you will instantly get an email from Instagram informing you about suspicious activity.

5. Don’t Be Spammy

Do not make any actions that make you spammy. One of the most common things is repeating comments on Instagram. It might make the platform think that you are a bot and result in blocking your account.

Even when you comment on several posts within a limited time, it can also result in blocking your Instagram account. It makes them feel you are a spam account and restricts them from using their features.

6. Best Judgement

If you have just created an account on Instagram, it is better not to jump from one profile to another. It is better not to like and follow every content that you check. Get it slow and start putting content so that your account looks genuine.

On Instagram, you have to go slow, as doing things excessively might yet keep you on the radar. Making suspicious activities will only result in getting in trouble and dealing with different devastating scenarios.

Best Instagram Practices You Should Follow

You must follow the best practices to enjoy unlimited Instagram features. And according to your needs, you can post every day or leave a gap of one or two posts. In case you have to post for your promotional activity more than that, you should keep them in a package and make fewer posts.

It is always better that you choose to make a quality posting that becomes valuable for your brand. Ensure that you have something to tell your viewers from your content. Not only should it be visually pleasing, but also make sure you use genuine pictures and videos that would not be counted under copyright infringement.

If you want to improve your followers’ count, always acknowledge their comments. Engaging with your followers will only lead to making you an influencer who believes in listening to their viewers.


So, from the above-mentioned details, you have got your answer about how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram. Even when it is difficult to understand immediately if you are a restricted person or not, mentioned steps makes it easier.

The only thing in common between a restricted and blocked account is the activity status, as it will not be visible to either. Even when you can comment that will be visible to the user and you, it won’t be possible for you to understand if you are being restricted.

So, make sure that you check the activity status of the person. If the person has recently posted something yet, you cannot see the activity status; you might have been restricted. However, if you’re blocked, you will not be able to find any information about the person, along with no more being able to access your past interactions with that person.

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