How to get a top review rating when installing a bathroom fan | Manrose

How to get a top review rating when installing a bathroom fan | Manrose

How to get a top review rating when installing a bathroom fan | Manrose

Lee Warren, Sales Director at Manrose, shares some tips to help ensure customers give you a top review rating when installing a bathroom fan.

Customers will form an impression of you right from the beginning. Whether that’s talking to you on the phone or visiting your website, electricians who provide a professional, efficient response will be one step closer to that 5-star review. Once you’ve secured the job, remember that being tidy is highly valued, as well as good time-keeping and being polite, reliable and efficient. But what else should electricians consider in order to keep customers happy and impressed with a job well done? When it comes to installing a bathroom fan selecting the right product is key. Here are five fan features which should help you gain a high five from customers:

1. Ultra-low sounds levels

Households are increasingly demanding quiet products for a peaceful home environment. Silence is an important comfort issue for homes, with loud extractor fans a key source of nuisance noise. Electricians know well that one of the biggest complaints they hear from customers is noisy bathroom fans. Quiet fans are therefore a great opportunity to keep customers happy. A good place to start is to check the sound level in decibels [dB(A)]. Fortunately, there are now fans on the market that are whisper quiet, such as Manrose’s Quiet Fan X5 which operates as low as just 25dB(A).

2. Good looks

Most people have spent a lot of time at home over the last 18 months and instead of going on holidays or evenings out, many have taken to improving their homes with the money saved. According to the Checkatrade Home Pride Index 2021, British homeowners spent an average of £2,608 on home improvements in 2020 – up 15%, or £338, compared to 2019. With a new bathroom high on the wish list, the aesthetics of everything is key. Not all bathroom fans look the same so electricians who give their customers a choice of style will score extra points. For example, the Manrose Quiet Fan X5 is available in an attractive tiled version that will look good in any bathroom. Alternatively, there is also an open grille option.

3. Reliability

Installing reliable products is key – customers don’t want to call back electricians and electricians don’t want to be called back. Not only does this waste valuable time and money, it also means your reputation can take a real hit. Fewer call backs mean better ratings so it makes sense to use products from a company renowned for its reliability, that offers a good length warranty and who manufacture fans that are built to last, such as Manrose. Look for fans that are made from high gloss ABS thermoplastics for strength and durability.

4. Quick installation

Customers will appreciate a quick fan install and an IPX5-rating (for Zone 1) makes fitting the fan easier and safer, since the fan can be safely installed in the splash zone without the need for a low voltage transformer. This makes fans like the Quiet Fan X5 ideal for bathrooms and shower rooms of all sizes. A quick install also generally means less mess.

5. Energy efficient

With energy prices rising, customers are going to be even more aware of running costs. Look for fans that use a low energy motor, like the Quiet Fan X5, which has a maximum consumption of 6W and a low SFP of 0.29w/l/s. Having an energy efficient option like this is a great advantage for electricians and will be sure to impress customers. Meanwhile, its high quality, long-life motors are continuously rated and warranted for a minimum of 30,000 hours or three years. All these tips add up to a job well done and hopefully plenty of 5-star reviews. But don’t just wait for the reviews to come in – encourage your customers to give you a review. It’s helpful to get feedback and also a great way to secure future jobs. Installing a bathroom fan that’s quiet, attractive, reliable, easy to install and energy efficient is sure to help you in that process.

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