Gaming Chair vs Office Chair

Gaming Chair vs Office Chair

Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs are chairs that are specifically designed for long gaming hours. Although there is no specific definition of such a chair, there are some common features that you can find like a high degree of recline, Bucket seat, etc. Even amongst gaming chairs, there are some different categories.

There are chairs specifically meant for racing games that resemble the seat of a sports car. Other categories include Rocker chairs and Floor Chairs. Rocker chairs move back and forth and have a curved shape and are best suited for multiplayer games. Floor chairs are the least expensive and are suited for casual gamers.

Office Chairs

Office Chairs are quite common and are used in workplaces as well as homes. They usually have a simple design and are heavily padded with lumbar support. Moreover, their height can be adjusted as per need. Compared to gaming chairs, they are significantly cheaper. Even amongst office chairs, there are different categories like the executive chair, conference chair, ergonomic chairs, etc.

Comparison Table

FeaturesGaming ChairOffice Chair
Armrests3D or higher2D and higher
Lumbar SupportDetachable PillowFixed

Comparison Between Office and Gaming Chairs

Design and Looks

Office Chairs are quite subtle in their appearance as they are more for the formal occasion. They usually come in different shades of Grey or Black and the usual material is Nylon.

Gaming Chairs usually have a curved shape with an ergonomic design. They are usually quite stylish and feature a tall backrest, adjustable arms, and lots of padding.


For short periods, office chairs are immensely comfortable. However, as the time period gets longer, the body is forced to adjust. As a result, it can cause stretching and contraction of the muscles. As a result, people tend to slouch more, and sitting straight becomes quite hard. Sitting in unnatural positions squeezes the blood vessels and cuts off the blood supply, thus causing fatigue.

Gaming chairs have features that prevent you from slouch sitting. The seat is thickly padded and offers great support for the buttocks and the lower body. The backrest provides a base to the spine while the lumbar pillows support the spine. As a result, users will sit in a proper posture. Moreover, users can also vary the reclining angle, armrests, and even the support cushions as the muscles tire. This switches the active muscles. People might find the gaming chairs uncomfortable initially, but as the body adapts to it, you would prefer it over office chairs.


In an office chair other than the height, you can’t adjust anything. However, in a gaming chair, you can vary the armrests, lumbar support, and backrest. As a result, you can change the settings when you feel tired.

The adjustable lumbar support prevents problems in the lower back. By pushing the pillow up or down, you can minimize the pressure on the spine and thus you can work for long periods of time without any issues.

The adjustable armrests go a long way in reducing the load on the spine. Without proper arm support, your spine would have to support the weight of the arm.

Reclining the backrest helps to improve blood circulation and also keeps the joints and ligaments refreshed. If you feel a pain in the back, you can lean into the chair. The backrest can be locked at an angle. By varying the position regularly, you can prevent back strain.

Some gaming chairs also come with a tilt mechanism that can work independently of the backrest. This is ideal for long working hours.

Accessories and Extra

Office chairs come with an instruction manual and possibly a tool or two and nothing else. Gaming chairs feature additional add ons like adjustable cushions for the neck and lumbar. Some even come with footrests as well.  As a result, Gaming Chairs triumph in this category.

Price and Warranty Policy

Most of the Office Chairs are available for less than 150 Dollars and come with a 6-month warranty. Gaming Chairs on the other hand cost much more and their price starts at around 200 Dollars and goes to 500 Dollars. They even have warranties for up to 5 years. Some of the cheaper gaming chairs have a 1-year warranty and cost significantly less than 500 Dollars. In terms of value for money, Gaming chairs just edge out its competitor.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this article on the differences between an office and a gaming chair. They share some features in common but the differences are significant enough so that you can’t buy one chair for both purposes. For any queries regarding the content, do write to us.

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