EKSA GT1 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds Review

EKSA GT1 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds Review

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EKSA GT1 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds Review

An excellent set of TWS gaming earbuds with very good touch controls, battery life and low-latency gaming mode.

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Editors Rating

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4.6/5 stars

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What we like

What we don’t like

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an affordableand good sounding TWS earbuds with very low latency for your gaming needs, then the EKSA GT1 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds are an excellent option. You can enjoy music with balanced sound and a nice bass.

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This is the golden time of truly wireless or TWSearbuds. From big and established companies to small and start-ups, there are so many TWS earbuds in the market right now. Some earbuds focus on highest music quality while some are aimed at gaming with very low latency. Some buds have noise cancellation while some have extremely long battery life. Clearly, the market for TWS earbuds is filled with a variety of products that you can choose from as per your needs and requirements. Mobile gaming industry, on the other hand, has seen an incredible growth in the last 5-years. Some play them as a fun, casual activity while others are pretty seriously involved with competitions and long gaming sessions with friends. If you fall into the second category, then you might want to invest in a good TWS earbuds as wired options can cause distractions or large over-the-ear gaming headphone might make you feel fatigueafter sometime. With serious mobile gaming in mind, we tested the EKSA GT1 Cobra True Wireless Gaming Earbuds.

This is the review of EKSA GT1 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds. We are writing this review after properly testing the earbuds with gaming, music, workouts. Continue reading to find out more about the same.

What Do We Get?

Let us start this review by going through the contents of the box. The earbuds come in a small little package. After sliding it open and lifting off the lid, it reveals the charging case. The case has the earbuds in them. We will talk about the earbuds in the next section. Taking out the case, we have a small plastic bag containing USB-C Charging cable and two extra pairs of ear tips / cups (small and large, while the earbuds come installed with medium tips).

Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Just below that, we have the user manual, which is in English and contains all the features, important connection steps, touch controls with nice diagrams. Do read the manual before using the earbuds.

After taking out the earbuds and holding it in the hands for the first time, they felt very light weight. The ‘Cobra’ inspired design elements are clearly visible, with blue LEDs lighting up as eyes and the long and curved body to mimic that of a snake.

Design of the Earbuds

The overall design might look familiar with other similar style earbuds but the glossy black body with blue lighting, triangle texture and curves definitely are unique to EKSA GT1 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds. The charging contacts on the earbuds are covered with small plastic so that they don’t make contact with the pogo pins on the charging case. Make sure to peel off the protective sheet before inserting the earbuds into the case.

The EKSA GT1 Cobra True Wireless Gaming Earbuds are extremely light weight at just 4.4g each. Due to the design and their light weight, you can wear them comfortably for long durations.

Coming to the charging case of the earbuds, it is also black in color but unlike the earbuds, the case is having a matte finish. The design elements from the earbuds, especially the triangle shape accent lines, are also on the lid of the case just below the EKSA branding.

On the front of the case, there are four strips on each side. They also light up in blue and indicate charge status or when the buds are inserted and charging them.

The lid of the case and its hinge are also good and you get a satisfactory sound when you close the lid. The USB-C port is on the back of the case and we are extremely happy that all the modern-day electronics makers (except those stubborn ones) are shifting towards the universal USB-C.

Before looking at the performance of the EKSA GT1 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds, let us first see how to pair these buds to a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone or a laptop. All the instructions are clearly mentioned in the user manual. So, do read it.

If the earbuds are outside the case, place them in the case and close its lid. This will power down the buds and charge them. Now, open the lid of the case and take out the earbuds. This will make the GT1 earbuds to go into pairing mode. During this time, the blue LEDs on the earbuds (snake eyes) will blink at a faster rate.

You can now turn on the Bluetooth in your phone or laptop and pair with the earbuds. They will come up as ‘GT1’. Once connected, the led blinking stops and the light blinks every 10s.

In addition to the LED indication, the earbuds also voice read out of the status during power on / off, waiting to be paired, connected, game mode and music mode.

Let us now see how the EKSA GT1 Gaming Earbuds perform. First, we tested with music.We played all kinds of music with these earbuds: classical, alternate rock, bass boosted, EDM. The music is really well balanced. Vocal are very clear and the mids and lows are also nice.

To test out its IPX4 splash resistant rating, we used these earbuds during workout. The sweat during our workout session did not cause any performance issues.

Wireless Earbuds Performance

Now, its time for some gaming. Initially, the buds are in ‘music mode’ and we played a couple of games involving guns. There is a slight delay between the input of the trigger on the screen and the sound being transmitted to the earbuds.

Then we moved to the highlight of these earbuds, its ultra-low 38ms latency in game mode. Just double tap on the earbuds to activate game mode and the buds acknowledge with a voice saying ‘game mode’ and also the blue LEDs on the buds change from blinking every 10s to breathing LEDs.

In game mode, the audio transmission delay is significantly less and you can clearly observe the difference from regular music mode.Gamers will definitely love these earbuds.

Although these buds are targeted towards gaming, the integrated microphones can be very useful while making calls. We tested with regular phone calls, skype chats and zoom calls. The voice was very clear without any disturbance. Other parties never complained about voice quality.

As this is a Bluetooth device, you can pair with smartphones, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles (except PS5 as it doesn’t support audio over Bluetooth) or any device that has Bluetooth and supports audio. The range of the connection is pretty standard. In regular homes and offices, you can easily expect the buds to work up to the next room. But beyond that, the connection drops.

Finally, the lightweight design of the EKSA GT1 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds make them very comfortable to use. Even after hours of continuous wearing, we did not feel heat around the ears. There are no fatigue or pain and you can choose the right ear tip from the three provided in the package.

It is very easy to operate the earbuds as all are touch / tap based controls. The main touch sensing area is slightly between the eyes that light-up on the earbuds (the exact location is clearly mentioned with a nice diagram in the user manual). Using the touch controls, you can power on / off, play / pause music, answer / end or reject calls, switch between music mode and game mode, invoke voice assistant and clear the Bluetooth Pairing.

Touch Controls

Let us now see how to do all these functions using touch controls:

  • Touch for 2s to manually power on the earbuds.
  • When the music is paused, touch for 3s to manually power off the earbuds.
  • When the buds are powered off, touch for 10s to clear the pairing.
  • During music play, single tap to pause or play the music.
  • Double tap to switch between game mode and music mode.
  • Triple tap to invoke the voice assistant.
  • For phone calls, single tap to answer or end the call.
  • Double tap to reject an incoming call.

Apart from being a smart meter, the KAIWEETS KM601 Smart Digital Multimeter is essentially an auto-ranging multimeter. Which means, you simply have to select the function to measure the quantity and the meter will automatically set the range of measurement.

Unlike traditional auto-ranging meters, which have a rotary switch to select the function, the KAIWEETS KM601 Multimeter has buttons to do the selection and other stuff as well. There are 5 buttons dedicated for user interface. The buttons are labeled as follows: AUTO / FUNC, RANGE, REL / HOLD, SEL, MAX / MIN.

The names of the buttons are pretty self-explanatory. When powered ON, the meter is in Smart mode. In this mode, if you press the ‘AUTO / FUNC’ button, you will enter into manual mode and you will be able to select the appropriate function by clicking the ‘AUTO / FUNC’ button.

In manual mode, you can set the range manually if you want using the ‘RANGE’ button. The ‘REL / HOLD’ button will hold the current value on the screen until you press it once again. Some functions have dual modes. For example, voltage measurement has AC as well as DC voltage measurement. So, after entering manual mode and select the right function, you can select the sub-function using the ‘SEL’ button.

All these buttons and functions with manual ranging and function selection might seem a little bit confusing at the beginning. But play with the meter just for a couple of days and you will become familiar with the buttons and functions. It is really easy to understand the operation.

Finally, you can check for the maximum and minimum values that the meter has measured until now using the ‘MAX / MIN’ button. To go back to regular readings, long press the ‘MAX / MIN’ button.

After testing out the ‘Smart’ feature of the multimeter and learning about all the buttons, we next moved to use the multimeter in manual mode for testing out all the functions. We tested a bunch of components, voltages etc.

Measuring voltage, current (we tested only milliamps), resistance, capacitance, diode drop out is a breeze to this meter. We are extremely satisfied with the performance. There is a minor lag when measuring stuff but we can allow it considering its price and performance.

Multimeter Basic Functions

Apart from measuring the basic parameters such as voltage, current resistance, etc., the KAIWEETS KM601 Multimeter can also measure temperature, NCV (non-contact voltage) and live voltage detection, frequency and duty cycle measurement. As mentioned earlier, the package comes with a thermocouple, which can be used to measure the temperature if an object.

If the thermocouple is not attached to any object, it will measure the ambient temperature. Coming to frequency and duty cycle, it can measure frequencies up to 10MHz, which is great. Also, if you are measuring AC voltage, it displays the frequency of the AC signal.

Digital Multimeter Features

Finally, the NCV and Live wire detection. For NCV, you don’t need any probes. Just put the meter in ‘NCV’ mode and place the NCV probe on the top near the testing point (wire, socket, stud, etc.). If the meter detects any voltage, the buzzer starts with its intensity depending on the level of voltage and also the indication LED above the LCD will change from Green (mild detection) to Red (significant detection).

For live wire detection, remove the black probe and keep only the red probe connected to regular jack (which is also marked Live). Then select the ‘LIVE’ function by pressing ‘SEL’ when the function is ‘NCV’. Now insert / touch the red probe to the test point. Again, depending on the intensity of the signal, the buzzer’s beeping intensity will change and also the indicator LED change colors.

Another useful feature of the meter is indication of correct probes based on the selected function. For example, if you are in ‘Smart’ feature, you can only measure AC / DC Voltage, Resistance and Continuity. So, the LEDs corresponding to Voltage measurement and COM port will blink 5 times.

If you are measuring current, the meter again blinks the appropriate LEDs and if the red probe is not inserted into the current measuring jack (mA or 10A, depending on the selected function), the indicator LED will light up in red in color and the LCD display ‘leads’ message indicating that probes are not inserted correctly or entirely. This is a nice little feature, which is very useful for beginners.

Both the current measurements are protected with respective fuses (600mA and 10A). But the thing we didn’t like is that in order to access these fuses, you have to completely remove the back cover (not only the battery cover but also additional back cover).

Multimeter Specs

DC Voltage

: 99.99mV/999.9mV / 9.999V/99.99V/999.9V

AC Voltage

: 99.99mV/999.9/mV / 9.999V/99.99V/750V

DC Current

: 9.999mA/99.99mA/999.9mA / 9.99A

AC Current

: 9.999mA/99.99mA/999.9mA / 9.99A


: 99.99Ω /999.9Ω /9.999kΩ /99.99kΩ/ 999.9kΩ / 9.999MΩ /99.99MΩ


: 9.999nF /99.99nF /999.9nF/9.999F /99.99F / 999.9F / 999mF/99.99mF


: 9.999Hz / 99.99Hz /999.9Hz /9.999kHz /99.99kHz /999.9kHz/ 9.999MHz

Duty Cycle

: 1.0% – 99.0%


: -40oC – 1000oC (-40oF – 1832oF)


: 3 Years

What’s Included

: KM601 Multimeter, Pair of Test Leads, 3 x AAA Batteries, User Manual, Thermocouple, Multimeter Bag

At just $45.99, the KAIWEETS KM601 Smart Digital Multimeter is a bang for the buck product. The performance and features they provide dat this price point are amazing. There are many entry level multimeters in the market, but we feel that the KAIWEETS KM601 Meter has the potential to be an affordable beginner multimeter.

Overall, we liked the design, performance and price of the KAIWEETS KM601 Smart Digital Multimeter. The smartphone like formfactor, nice and large LCD display and an extraordinary performance of the KAIWEETS KM601 meter is definitely a standout among other ‘entry level’ meters. The provided probes and thermocouple are very good and even the carry case is strong and sturdy. There is definitely room for improvement such as the positioning of the ports at the bottom (we agree that it is a design choice that has to be made for a compact formfactor), hard to access fuses and better input protection with MOVs. But considering the price, performance and its target users, the KAIWEETS KM601 Smart Digital Multimeter is very good entry level and beginner multimeter.

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