Caught on Camera | 31st August 2022

Caught on Camera | 31st August 2022

Caught on Camera | 31st August 2022

Check out our latest round-up of #CaughtOnCamera shockers! Have you seen something shocking, funny or surprising while on the job? Take a pic and send it in via DM on one of our social channels or send it directly to [email protected] for the chance to be featured!


We’re back with another shocking #caughtoncamera, this one sent in by TMorris_Spark – “How NOT to wire up an electric cooker! 😱

This recent little find was wired using 2.5mm T&E supplying a 6kW cooker/hob. No earth sleeving and both Neutral and Line conductors had been stripped right back! To top it off, we had reverse polarity on the Neutral/Line conductor and the CPC happened to be connected up with the Neutral conductor hence why somebody hadn’t provided RCD protection on that circuit.”

  • TMorris 2022-08-30 at 09.12.59
  • TMorris2022-08-30 at 09.13.29


Check out this #caughtoncamera sent over by Primroseelectrical: “Boiler supply flex was wired through a cupboard door… Inevitably this eventually happened, immediately isolated and replaced the flex, through a gap that was already there by the worktop!”

Kevin Smith sent us in this #caughtoncamera – “Found this during inspection. Blacks are neutral & switch line, evidence of arcing between them. Just as well the luminaire & bracket were plastic. What processes even DIYers to do this”

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