Bill’s Safety Circuit – Food warmer trips circuit…

Bill’s Safety Circuit – Food warmer trips circuit…

Bill’s Safety Circuit
Root, Licensed Master Electrician, Answers Your Questions About Electricity And Safety

Dear Bill: During a recent party in 
our finished basement, our small food
 warmers continually tripped the circuit 
for both our lights and receptacles.
 What can be done to remedy this 
problem in the future?

Bill’s Answer: 
A circuit breaker is a safety device that shuts 
off your electricity when it exceeds a
 safe operating range. Always be
 careful to distribute your portable
 appliances over several circuits so that 
it does not overwhelm your power

Additionally, a proper electrical
 installation never includes receptacles
 and lighting on the same circuit. Correctly installed receptacles and 
lighting are separated onto their own 
circuits. This arrangement is not just a
 good idea, it also prevents another
 safety hazard – groping in the dark in 
search of your electrical panel.

When the time comes to remodel your 
home always choose licensed
 contractors with excellent references.
 Talk over each aspect of the project
 with the electrical contractor. Tell
 him/her what the room will be used for
 and what kind of power demands you 
have now and expect in the future.
 Remember, knowledge is power -
 don’t be left in the dark.

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