BG & Luceco Smart! range: a complete smart lighting solution for the home

BG & Luceco Smart! range: a complete smart lighting solution for the home

BG & Luceco Smart! range: a complete smart lighting solution for the home

Offering a complete smart lighting solution for the home, we examine the key functionality and products that make up the BG & Luceco Smart! range.

Last year, Luceco Group introduced its BG & Luceco Smart! range to the market. Combining key lighting and electrical products, the range offers a simple and cost-effective way of installing and managing smart products in the home, for both contractors and their customers alike.

Complete customisation

Controlled by the BG & Luceco Smart! App, the Smart lighting range can be set up to control groups of multiple lighting devices, based on the room layout of a house. This allows customisation of each part of a house based on its usage, to enhance the functionality of each living space.

Within each control group, colour and dimming light levels can be set across 16 million RGB colours and the full 2700-6500K white colour spectrum. Utilising the full RGB spectrum offers almost unlimited customisation, adding colour to the home environment to create the perfect atmosphere for any event.

Lighting effects can be created and edited to customise the lighting environment to suit different moods, with a range of predefined lighting effects available. Scenes can be created for flexible control, both within different control groups, or devices within each group to suit users’ lifestyles. Lights can be turned on, dimmed, or turned off at specific times in the day. Delays can also be created to turn lighting off automatically after a desired period.

Home and away

Energy saving and security in the home are two factors at the forefront of homeowner’s minds, so Luceco Smart! devices include functionality to help combat both concerns. The HomeGuard random mode turns lights on and off at random times to imitate home occupancy when homeowners are away, for added security.

The HomeGlow mode allows users to set timers, so lights will turn on and off at specific times, helping to avoid incidents where lighting is accidentally being left on.

Once the products are installed, all of this functionality can be set up by the contractor, assigned and handed over to the homeowner on completion.

To utilise all this functionality, the Luceco Smart! lighting range within the home includes the Smart! FType Compact LED downlight, which offers cutting edge LED technology and smart controllability. Where traditional style bulbs are required, there is a range of Smart! GU10, A60 and C35 bulbs, which offer the latest LED technology and smart functionality.

Moving outside the home, the Smart! Castra LED security floodlight combines Luceco’s most advanced security floodlight to date with smart functionality, including dimmable lighting for brightness control, timers, scheduling and fully adjustable PIR settings.

This simple and effective smart system allows your clients to transform the functionality of their homes, directly at their fingertips.

Get more info about the BG & Luceco Smart! range here

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