Best Pdf Editor For Windows 10

Best Pdf Editor For Windows 10

PDF is a popular file format for sharing secured documents online. In fact, it is the most preferred file format for professional and official documents. Due to its secured feature, it becomes very difficult for a regular user to edit the document.

Editing a PDF file becomes essential when you need to rectify a typing mistake, fill out a form, add a signature, change images, and much more. You will require a dedicated PDF editor, and there are various PDF editors available as online services as well as standalone software. Here is the list of the best PDF editors for Windows 10.

1. Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda PDF Editor is the most feature-rich PDF editor available online. Besides, it is very secured as it deletes your uploaded file in 2 hours. The free service allows editing 3 PDF files per hour up to 50 MB file size.


  • Add any text to a PDF file easily.
  • Change any text present in the PDF file.
  • Change text to bold and italic as well as font size.
  • Modify the color of the text as well as font type.
  • Add images to PDF files and resize them accordingly.
  • Fill out PDF forms as per requirements.
  • Add URL links in PDF files at any place.
  • Add geometric shapes and whiteout certain parts.
  • Add form fields and annotate.

2. Acrobat Pro DC

Acrobat Pro DC is the most professional standalone software for editing PDF files. Even though it is relatively expensive, it has all the features you desire in a PDF editor to edit every aspect possible for a PDF file.

Features –

  • Convert PDF to and from other files.
  • Create editable text through OCR.
  • Combine different files into one PDF format.
  • Delete pages from the PDF.
  • Rotate pages for flexible orientation.
  • Rearrange and remove the pages.
  • Split and insert from multiple files.
  • Protect documents from editing and printing.
  • Receive feedback by sending comments.
  • Share flexibly on the mobile app.

3. PDF-Xchange Editor

PDF-Xchange Editor is the most secure PDF editor. It lets you use it freely without any license. Using this tool will allow you to customize the PDF file.


  • Insert annotations and comments to the document.
  • Add and remove images, watermarks, and backgrounds.
  • Secure documents with Data Execution Protection.
  • Choose from different preferences for easy customization.
  • Select the markdown file.
  • Rename the duplicated form field.
  • Convert polyline annotations for easy measurement annotations.

4. PDFEscape Editor

PDFEscape Editor is the most flexible PDF tool. You don’t require any software as it lets you use it online. Moreover, you can access it on different types of browsers.

Features –

  • Drop the file and start editing instantly.
  • View the PDF files without any software
  • Fill out the PDF forms for saving time.
  • Save your work on servers.
  • View or print PDF files directly.
  • Convert the file into image formats.
  • Extract pages for easy viewing.
  • Reduce and compress the size of the file.
  • Secure documents with a password and 256-bit encryption.

5. Smallpdf

Small PDF is the simplest PDF tool available in the market. It even comes in many different languages and lets you edit conveniently on the go. It is also available as an online tool, which makes it more convenient to use.

Features –

  • Split PDF file into different PDF pages.
  • Create your e-sign for securing your document.
  • Protect the PDF by adding a password.
  • Combine multiple files into one document.
  • Rotate the pages for flexible viewing.
  • Convert the PDF file in or to excel, images, PowerPoint, or word.
  • Compress the PDF file for reducing the size.
  • Share or display the files online.
  • Create encryption and unlock the PDF.

6. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the most popular standalone software for editing DOC files. The latest version of Word lets the user create and edit PDF files in some limited capacities. Almost every Windows 10 user has MS Word installed on their computer.

Features –

  • Add references with captions and citations.
  • Spell check for easy reviewing.
  • Insert graphs, images, tables, and much more.
  • Select from different font styles, colors, and sizes.
  • Insert line spacing, bullets, and alignment.
  • Click the auto-correct option for easy proofing.
  • Use different shortcut keys for saving time.
  • Edit the wrap points before wrapping the text.
  • Remove the image background.

7. Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is the most productive PDF editor. Loaded with many different features, this allows you to perform various editing tasks. You can have the best document solution from different devices.

Features –

  • Create, convert, and edit from anywhere.
  • Send unlimited signature requests.
  • Get the signature type according to your preference.
  • Track trails with an easy signing process.
  • Create templates for frequently used documents.
  • Collaborate with any PDF program with comprehensive adaptation tools.
  • Create digital fillable PDF forms.
  • Merge emails for condensed collection of documents.
  • Convert PDF into various Microsoft Office files.

8. Foxit Phantom PDF

Foxit Phantom PDF is one of the most widely used PDF editors. You can have access on your mobile phone or computer. It is loaded with multiple features that make it ideal for various editing applications.

Features –

  • Rotate and resize images and graphics.
  • Manage documents through bookmarks and hyperlinks.
  • Import and export bookmarks conveniently.
  • Run the entire document for checking spellings and other errors.
  • Add pages to the PDF file.
  • Rearrange pages in a customized order.
  • Create a navigation path for several pages.
  • Convert PDF file into an editable document.
  • Track documents for review and sharing purposes.

9. AbleWord

AbleWord is a very capable PDF editor. You can use it with different types of document formats. It supports various features for editing PDF files and the best thing is that it comes for free.

Features –

  • Confirm before printing with the print review option.
  • Insert images and format accordingly.
  • Add tables for creating readable files.
  • Convert multiple files into PDF documents.
  • Highlight text for easy cutting.
  • Insert fonts of different sizes.
  • Get document information like word count and the number of characters.
  • Hide formatting characters for automatically breaking the page.

10. PDF Buddy

PDF Buddy is one of the simplest PDF editors. It lets you use it online without installing any software. All you have to do is to create a user ID and edit PDF documents from anywhere in different operating systems.

Features –

  • Drag your document and start working instantly.
  • Create fill-out forms without any mess.
  • Edit three PDFs without any payment.
  • Secure your documents with AES-256 bit encryption.
  • Add signatures for easy secure payment of data.
  • Add highlights and whiteouts with easy editing.
  • Merge and split PDF files.
  • Save documents conveniently without the need for printing.

11. Qoppa PDF Studio

Qoppa PDF Studio is the most reliable PDF editor on the market. It has all the necessary functions that let you use it for professional applications.

Features –

  • Split and merge from bookmarks and blank pages.
  • Certify the PDF file with invisible and visible signatures.
  • Convert images into searchable PDF.
  • Modify documents conveniently with batch processing.
  • Validate PDF against other profiles for archives.
  • Make interactive forms for easy filling.
  • Repair large PDF files for reducing the size.
  • Secure sensitive PDF files with redaction.
  • Edit inline texting and insert multiple characters.

12. ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is one of the most widely used PDF editors. With over 100 million installations, it has a high product rating. It lets you perform different editing tasks and recognizes 198 languages.

Features –

  • Make and organize PDF files conveniently.
  • Compare different documents in various formats.
  • Digitize the scans and documents with OCR.
  • Convert routine with smooth features.
  • Secure documents with electronic signatures.
  • Integrate with mobile for handy operation.
  • Split PDF into smaller parts.
  • Search the entire document and redact.
  • Make fillable PDF forms for information collection.

13. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is a powerful PDF tool with easy-to-use editing options. It is available as an online service as well as standalone software.

Features –

  • Rearrange the pages on the file.
  • Compress PDF into small size without compromising quality.
  • Merge multiple types of files in a single PDF.
  • Insert highlight stamp and white out.
  • Divide files into individual PDFs.
  • Convert PDF file into any Microsoft Office format.
  • Add electronic signature for legal binding.
  • Track signings and manage signees.
  • Scan and recognize the text on an image.
  • Select areas manually for easy text recognition.

14. Able2Extract Professional

Able to extract is the most easy-to-use PDF editor. The tool is indispensable for converting PDF to various other formats.

Features –

  • Insert blank pages in between the already present pages.
  • Add images and vector objects anywhere you want.
  • You can insert dated, numbering including date-time stamps and suffixes and prefixes.
  • Resize PDF pages as per requirements.
  • Merge pages as well as split pages.
  • Add signatures, validate signatures, encrypt and decrypt, watermark and much more.
  • Fill in forms as well as create and edit the existing ones.
  • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, and other formats.

15. PDF Architect

PDF Architect is the most affordable PDF editor. It comes with all the important features for the standard plan and advanced features for the professional plan. There is also a free version available for very basic editing works.

Features –

  • Edit any file without copying or exporting.
  • Convert PDF file into other file formats like .txt, .docx, .jpg, and .xlsx.
  • Create PDF forms for pre-designed surveys.
  • Secure documents with digital passwords and permissions.
  • Unlock text in a single document with the OCR feature.
  • Add notes to the document using the review tool.
  • Merge all the files into a single PDF document.
  • Track documents directly with e-signature.


You will come across situations when you have to edit the PDF file you download or receive through emails. We have suggested the best PDF editors available for Windows 10. If you want to edit quickly, online PDF editors are the best. If the features available on online editors are not enough for you and you want to do professional PDF editing, you can opt for standalone PDF editors.

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