Ariston introduces smart new Nuos Plus Wi-Fi heat pump water heater

Ariston introduces smart new Nuos Plus Wi-Fi heat pump water heater

Ariston introduces smart new Nuos Plus Wi-Fi heat pump water heater

As the heating industry places a stronger emphasis on sustainability, Ariston has further demonstrated its commitment to renewable and smart technology with the launch of the new, A+ rated Nuos Plus Wi-Fi heat pump water heater.


Available as either a 200-litre direct (200D) or 250-litre indirect (250I) model, the units combine a floor standing unvented cylinder with a highly efficient air source heat pump water heater. The products boast a COP of up to 3.14, while producing only 51dB of noise – the equivalent of a domestic fridge-freezer.


Building upon the success of Ariston’s Nuos platform, the new models now offer an extended operating temperature range of -10° to 42°C, while offering 80% more energy savings than traditional cylinders of the same capacities. In fact, the Nuos Plus Wi-Fi 200D heats up from cold in under four hours – making it the quickest on the market. In addition, BusBridgeNet technology allows the Nuos Plus Wi-Fi 250I to be fully integrated with Ariston’s boilers via the company’s Sensys controls.


The new range offers users exceptional levels of controllability, via a touch-button interface with new HMI – and state-of-the-art Wi-Fi control via the Aqua Ariston Net App. The sophisticated app enables users to shuffle through modes and turn the unit on remotely for a hot shower at the perfect time – while offering incredible energy savings of up to 25% using daily and weekly programming.


Ariston has also introduced brand new operating modes, including daily/weekly programming options and I-Memory. The Programming mode allows users to create their own daily and weekly pre-heating schedule to maximise comfort, whereas I-Memory learns water usage habits and automatically creates a pre-heating schedule. For example, in the first week, the unit will be constantly learning, then during the second week, the Nuos Plus Wi-Fi implements its findings to activate a completely tailored, intelligent heating schedule.


The heat pump water heaters benefit from three different modes: ‘Green’ mode, which ensures the only heating source is the heat pump itself; the maximum hot water temperature achievable in this mode is 62°C. For faster reheat times, ‘Comfort’ mode can be activated, with the heating element either replacing or assisting the heat pump to replenish the water as quickly as possible. Finally, ‘Boost’ mode can be activated to switch on the heat pump and heating element at the same time until the desired temperature is reached.


For enhanced safety and hygiene, each Nuos Plus Wi-Fi has an anti-legionella function, which regularly heats the contents of the tank to 65°C, pasteurising the water and preventing bacterial growth. There is also an anti-freeze feature, which keeps the stored water at a minimum temperature, even when the unit is turned off – maximising protection during the cold winter months.


Commenting on the new heat pump water heater, Victoria Gutierrez, Head of Marketing at Ariston, said: “Nuos Plus Wi-Fi has been designed with sustainability in mind – and is 80% more efficient than a hot water cylinder of the same capacity. Not only does it learn from usage habits, only heating water when required, connecting Nuos to Aqua Ariston Net offers further benefits, such as temperature regulation and energy monitoring.


She continued: “Units can be easily integrated with other heating products, including boilers and heat pumps, thanks to Ariston’s Sensys interface, which helps create a fully ‘Eco’ system. Installation is also straightforward, thanks to Nuos Plus Wi-Fi’s innovative ‘plug and play’ design, which enables it to be fitted quickly, without requiring F-Gas qualifications. It truly is the future of smart, sustainable comfort.”


In addition to the leading Italian design associated with all Ariston products, the Nuos Plus Wi-Fi range is UKCA marked, KIWA approved and has an ErP rating of A+. Units incorporate active (ProTech) and magnesium anodes, as well as titanium enamelled steel tanks for optimum durability and longevity. This is reflected by the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is supplied as standard.


Ariston UK, which is part of the Ariston Group, is a manufacturer of domestic heating, hot water and renewable products. With over 30 years of experience in the UK, Ariston is a worldwide leading company in the heating and water heating industry.


For more details about Ariston and its range of water heaters, visit the Ariston website.

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