8 Best Commuter Bike Reviews in 2022

8 Best Commuter Bike Reviews in 2022

Commuter bikes are one of the special types of bikes available in the market specifically designed for those who use the bike on a daily basis for long commutes. Since these bikes are usually preferred for work travel, basic to-and-fro commutes, and for simple rides around the town, the main focus of these bikes is comfort and traveling speed. Therefore, you won’t notice any heavy features on these bikes that are more suited for BMX or mountain bikes. If you also want a decent commuter bike, take note of these factors while you are browsing various options.

  • Type of Bike: Before you decide which commuter bike is right for you, you should first understand which type of bike is going to be the right one for your needs. When it comes to commuter bikes, there are various options in the market in both manual as well as electric categories. As you may already know, electric bikes are quite expensive compared to manual options. However, these bikes offer the best riding comfort and significantly reduce the driving effort.
  • Wheel Size: The wheel size is also an important factor for a commuter bike. If you were to travel long distances with the same bike on a daily basis, it is important to know whether the bike is suitable for your traveling road or not. Generally, bikes with larger wheels are better for uneven streets. But if you take the main street for your travel, you can choose any wheel size according to the height compatibility.
  • Speed Options: Apart from taking you from one place to another, a commuter bike should also be a faster option and get you where you need to go in time. For that, you need to check the available speed option on the bike. In an electric commuter bike, you can simply check the maximum speed attainable by the motor. On the manual side, you will see various speed options or gears that will give you a better idea about the speed of the bike.

Due to increased traffic and overcrowded public transport, a lot of users are preferring a commuter bike for routine travel since it is arguably the most eco-friendly and cheapest method of traveling around town. If you are also looking to get your hands on a decent commuter bike, you have arrived at the right place. Today, we are going to take a look at the best commuter bikes present in the market and analyze each option in detail. You can also find more information on commuter bikes in general in our Buying Guide for the best commuter bikes.

Best Commuter Bike 2022

Best Commuter Bike Reviews

1. ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike

Since electric bikes are so popular these days, we will start our list with a popular electric option for a commuter bike from ANCHEER. It is also the highest selling option on our list so make sure you check it out.

The 1st commuter bike on our list today is the ANCHEER Electric Bike. Primarily marketed as an electric mountain bike, the ANCHEER Electric Bike also happens to be a great pick for a commuter bike with its specifications. It operates on a 350 watts motor powering the 26 inches wheels, offering up to 20 MPH top speed on fully automatic mode. And if you were to use the pedal assisted mode, you can get the same speed with a longer range of up to 40 miles thanks to its 10.4 Ah battery.

The battery on ths electric bike is removable, making it much easier to charge or to pack if you are taking the bike somewhere on your car’s bike rack. The fork of the ANCHEER Electric Bike is also made up of high strength carbon steel, making it an ideal choice in the long run in terms of durability. Despite the specifications, ANCHEER is shipping this bike about 85% pre-assembled in the package, making it much easier to use for the user.

Best Features

  • It has 21 speed options
  • It comes with 26 inches wheels
  • It has front suspensions
  • Powered by a 10.4 Ah battery


  • It is an electrical commute bike
  • Features are pretty great for long distance travel
  • Offer great mileage capacity


  • Maximum speed should have been better

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2. Xspec Speed Commuter Bike

Xspec Speed Commuter Bike

Even though you are looking for a commuter bike, you can still get one that offers the benefits of portability for traveling with the bike. Thus, we have this bike available on our list from Xspec.

The Xspec Compact City Commuter Bike, as the name suggests, is one of the most compact and portable options on our list. So much so that it has managed to secure the 2nd position on our picks. The Xspec Compact City Commuter Bike, unlike any other option you will find on this list, is a foldable bike. Therefore, you can easily pack this bike in the trunk of your car without needing a separate bike rack to carry it around. The compact size is possible because this bike has a 20 inches wheel.

Still, there are many features on the Xspec Compact City Commuter Bike that make it a perfect option for long distance coverage. First of all, it has a 7-speed gear system to suit various landscapes and terrains. And even though it is a compact bike, Xspec has ensured that this bike is suitable for anyone within the 9 to 50 years of age group. So, you can go for this bike whether you are a student or professional office worker. The folding mechanism of the Xspec Compact City Commuter Bike does not require any tool and you can easily fold or unfold this bike in a matter of minutes.

Best Features

  • It has 7 speed options
  • It comes with 20 inches wheels
  • It has rear suspensions
  • It has a folding mechanism


  • Most compact and portable bike on this selection
  • Toll-free folding mechanism
  • Multiple speed options despite the small size


  • Tire size might be a problem for adults

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3. Heybike Race Plus Electric Bike

Heybike Race Plus Electric Bike

Premium range electric bikes usually offer more attractive features along with a reliable mileage range. Therefore, we are introducing the following bike from Heybike on our picks.

In the 3rd place, we have the Heybike Race Plus which is also an electric bike suitable for long distance commutes. However, it is a high-end bike powered by a 350 watts motor that can offer up to 20.5 MPH top speed. But, the best feature of this bike has to be its battery capacity. The Heybike Race Plus is powered by a 12.5 Ah battery that guarantees about 40 miles of coverage per charge. It makes it possible because of the brushless geared motor that minimizes the power loss in friction.

The tires on the Heybike Race Plus are 26 inches wide and offer high puncture resistance, making it a suitable bike for off-roading as well. Plus, you will also have the advantage of Shimano 7-speed gear system on the Heybike Race Plus that allows you to quickly shift between 7-speed options according to your need. You will be able to use the bike in 3 different modes that are fully automatic, pedal-assisted, and fully manual riding mode.

Best Features

  • It has 7 speed options
  • It comes with 26 inches wheels
  • It has front suspensions
  • It has 3 riding modes


  • It has an LCD display at the front
  • Offers up to 40 miles of mileage
  • Build quality is pretty good


  • Comparatively expensive than most other electric bikes

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4. VIVI Electric Bike

VIVI Electric Bike

VIVI is also a renowned producer of electric bikes and you might have come across some of the great options designed by VIVI already if you have been looking for an eBike. The following model from VIVI is a decent option for a commuter bike due to its high speed and mileage.

The VIVI Electric Bike is also one of our premium choices on this list. FIrst of all, it is an electric commuter bike that already makes it a highly advantageous option compared to other picks. On top of that, it houses a 500 watts motor, making it twice as powerful as other options. You can understand the premium price range of this bike if youtube a look at its build quality. The VIVI Electric Bike is made up of a carbon steel frame along with a double layer aluminum alloy to make it a highly durable choice for years to come.

The top speed of the VIVI Electric Bike is about 20 MPH which might seem a little slow for such a powerful motor. However, it is still good enough for routine travels and increases the average mileage of the bike upto 50 miles in pedal assisted mode. The high mileage range is possible because of the 36V 8Ah battery powering this unit. Since the battery capacity is not too high, you will be able to charge the VIVI Electric Bike from 0 to 100% within just 4 to 6 hours. It also comes with a year of warranty to make it a worry-free purchase.

Best Features

  • It has 7 speed options
  • It comes with 26 inches wheels
  • It has front and rear suspensions
  • It has a mileage of up to 50 miles


  • Offers the best mileage capacity
  • Battery supports fast charging
  • Comes with a year of warranty


  • It has only 7 speed options

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5. Hiland Hybrid Bike

Hiland Hybrid Bike

Coming back to the best option for a manual commuter bike, we have a great option coming in our premium segment of option from Hiland. It also has a few key specifications that makes it stand out in the crowd.

As you may already know, larger wheels on a commuter bike results in a much smoother riding experience, especially on lesser crowded streets. Therefore, we are including the Hiland Hybrid Bike on our list that offers a 28 inches wheel which is quite an upgrade over the standard 26 inches wheel design. However, the rest of the bike is as simple in terms of construction as they come, making it a pretty easy option to ride for everyone.

In terms of build quality, the Hiland Hybrid Bike certainly surpasses a lot of its competition with its aluminum alloy frame that offers a high endurance design while keeping the chassis lightweight. You will also get a Shimano 7-speed gear system on the Hiland Hybrid Bike, offering a thrilling riding experience on the streets at a high speed. As for the frame, the Hiland Hybrid Bike has an 18 inches frame size that makes it a perfect option for anyone between 5.6 to 6 feet in height.

Best Features

  • It has 7 speed options
  • It comes with 28 inches wheels
  • Suitable for 5.6 to 6 feet height
  • It has 700C wheels


  • Wheels are comparatively larger than other options
  • Comparatively simpler in design
  • High quality aluminum alloy frame


  • More expensive than other manual commuter bikes

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6. Vilano Step Through City Bike

Vilano Step Through City Bike

Coming back to budget options for a commuter bike, we are glad to include this budget-friendly pick from Vilano on our list. It also offers a great set of features that are definitely beneficial at this price.

The Vilano Step Through City Bike is also a general purpose commuter bike on our list designed for city riding. However, it has a unique feature that makes it a better option than even some of the premium commuter bikes you usually see around the market. The Vilano Step Through City Bike comes with 29 inches wheels that are mostly seen on MTBs and other special purpose bikes. Thus, the overall height of the bike is pretty good and so is its compatibility with various types of terrains. As the Vilano Step Through City Bike also has 7 speed options, you will be able to ride it through most terrain types you will come across on a daily basis.

However, the larger wheels on the Vilano Step Through City Bike also reduce its compatibility in terms of height. Therefore, it won’t be a suitable option for kids, teenagers, or any rider below 5.4 feet of height. Apart from that, there are no compromises made in terms of build quality or reliability of this bike. The Vilano Step Through City Bike has 700C wheels paired with linear pull brakes that offer a pretty strong braking power.

Best Features

  • It has 7 speed options
  • It comes with 29 inches wheels
  • It has rigid suspensions
  • Simple and straightforward commuter bike


  • Build quality is pretty good
  • Offers the largest wheel size
  • Kickstand is included


  • Initial assembly is a bit complicated

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7. AVASTA Urban Commuter Bike

AVASTA Urban Commuter Bike

Avasta is also one of the well-known options around the country for bikes. Apart from regular commuter bikes, this brand also produces mountain, BMX, kids, and even hybrid bikes.

The AVASTA Urban Commuter Bike is yet another great option for those who just want a simple and sophisticated commuter bike without any hassle. It is a fixed-gear bike, meaning that you won’t have to worry about changing the gears of the bike while enjoying a peaceful ride. However, you won’t also be able to ride this bike at a faster speed that is possible with geared options. Apart from that, the AVASTA Urban Commuter Bike is quite similar to many other options in terms of build quality. It has a high tensile strength steel frame that can easily absorb shocks and impacts.

Coming to the wheels, the AVASTA Urban Commuter Bike also offers 700C wheels, meaning the wheel size is approximately 29 inches. So, you can also use this bike on any terrain type you like without worrying about its balance or compatibility. Plus, the 40 mm deep-v rims also maintain great durability of the wheels. Unlike many other options, there is little to no assembly required for this bike as there are no gears or battery. So, you can unpack the bike and get it ready for the first ride within 15 minutes.

Best Features

  • Multiple size options are available
  • It comes with 700C wheels
  • It has rigid suspensions
  • Suitable for up to 6.3 feet tall riders


  • Ships about 90% pre-assembled in the package
  • Wheel size is pretty good
  • Simple yet elegant design


  • Speed options should have been provided

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8. Outroad Road Bike

Outroad Road Bike

At the end, we are introducing one more great option from Outroad that enables you to ride miles and miles of distances without any fatigue. This bike is inspired from the professional racing bikes’ design.

Our last pick for the best commuter bike is the Outroad Road Bike. This is one of the high-speed manual commuter bikes on our list thanks to its standard 26 inches wheel size paired with a 21 speed Shimano gear system. Plus, the wheels on this bike are only 1.2 inches thick, reducing the surface contact with the track and thus, the friction causing additional riding effort. It also has the 700C large wheels so that any rider up to 7 feet height can easily ride this bike. Even though the bike seems slim, it has a weight carrying capacity of up to 330 lbs due to its aluminum frame.

However, the most attractive feature of the Outroad Road Bike is its curved handle design. This design allows the rider to ride the Outroad Road Bike in a slanted position to rest the back on long travels. So, you can definitely expect a soothing ride home after a day of hard work with the Outroad Road Bike. Even though there is minimal assembly required for this bike, Outroad includes all of the tools and accessories in the package for no additional cost.

Best Features

  • It has 21 speed options
  • It comes with 26 inches wheels
  • Curved handle design inspired by racing bikes
  • 2 inches thick wheels


  • Wheel size and thickness is perfect for a commuter bike
  • Many speed options are provided
  • Comfortable to ride


  • Less friction makes the bike harder to balance

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Buying Guide For The Best Commuter Bike

If you are looking for a commuter bike for routine usage, you have already taken the right step towards your as well as mother earth’s health. Commuter bikes are a cheap and eco-friendly mode of travel that anyone can use, considering the distance they are traveling on a daily basis is coverable on a bike. There are a lot of options in the market for a commuter bike in both electric as well as manual bike categories.

So, you can find the best option according to the comfort and distance you wish to cover with the bike. However, it can get a little difficult to choose the right commuter bike if you are not aware of the important features and qualities that affect their useability and performance. Therefore, we have prepared this buying guide for the best commuter bikes to discuss these important qualities of a commuter bike and lead you towards the best purchase for a commuter bike.

Type of Commuter Bike

Before we move on to the specification of a commuter bike, let us try to understand what types of bikes are available in the market and which of them feature a model suitable for a commuter bike. As you may already know, there are 2 main categories of bikes in the market that are electric and manual. Fortunately, both electric, as well as manual bike manufacturers, produce a handful of models that fall under the commuter bike subcategory. Here’s what you need to know before buying a commuter bike from either category.

Electric Commuter Bike

A lot of users these days are preferring an electric bike, whether they are upgrading from their old and rusted regular bike, or buying their first bike. The main reason behind that is the comfort of riding introduced by electric bikes. Even on electric commuter bikes, you will get a high-capacity battery paired with a powerful motor. With that, you can easily cover a long distance without needing half the effort needed for such a long commute. But, you need to consider the fact that these bikes aren’t cheap and they are also pretty heavy due to the battery and motor.

Manual Commuter Bike

These are the simplest types of bikes available in the market since there are no complicated designs or heavy features on a manual commuter bike. As the main focus of these bikes is to get you from one place to another, they are built with specifications that matter the most for that. Therefore, you may not even need the help of an electric motor on your bike if you wish to use it for small distances. Plus, manual commuter bikes are ultimately lightweight and portable. Some of these options are also foldable so that you can carry the bike along on a trip by putting it in your trunk.

Design and Weight

Coming to the most important factor of a commuter bike, it is its design and weight. The design of the commuter bike includes its wheel size, frame structure, and the material used for the frame. All of these features affect the riding experience greatly and you must choose the bike carefully based on these design parameters. The wheel size is probably the most important one since it affects the type of terrain that is suitable for the bike. Also, the wheel size of a commuter bike dictates its compatibility with the height of a rider.

As for the frame, you should consider going with the one that features a simple frame design, but offers structural rigidity to make the bike suitable for the long run. Lastly, the material used for the frame of the bike is also a factor that affects its weight alongside its strength and resilience to external damage. Since all bikes these days use a metallic frame, the build quality of the bike is certainly good enough for regular use. However, you can prefer the ones that offer the same strength along with a lightweight frame based on the material.

Speed Options

The speed options on a bike are one of their best features, especially if you are covering a long distance with the bike and wish to cover it as fast as possible. While using the bike at a fast pace might not be a good deal on a crowded street, you can certainly do so when you are returning from work or going out on a ride in evenings or nights. For that, even commuter bikes these days feature a number of speed options that you should check to get an idea about their speed. While a 7-speed gear system is sufficient enough for most people, you can also go for a 21-speed or higher gear option if you have a lot of experience in bike riding.

As for electric bikes, the speed is more dependent on the motor driving the rear wheel. So, you will have to check the wattage or output capacity of the motor to get an idea about its maximum speed. But, a lot of eBike manufacturers mention the maximum speed in the specifications, making the choice clearer for the buyer. While you are preferring a high-speed eBike, make sure that it also has a similarly powerful battery. This way, you can use the bike with pedal-assist mode and get the same riding comfort throughout your ride.

Riding Comfort

The riding comfort that you get while riding a bike depends upon many different factors like the handlebar position, handlebar design, seat type, seat height, frame structure, handle design, etc. to name a few. So, it can get a bit difficult to get an idea about the riding comfort without physically experiencing the bike firsthand before buying it. Since there are thousands of options in the market, it definitely feels impossible to manually check all of the options, even if you filter out the ones that are under your budget.

Therefore, you can consider a few factors to get an idea about the riding comfort of a commuter bike. First of all, you should check the compatible rider size to ensure whether you are buying the right bike for yourself or not. If your height does not match with the bike, you will notice back problems pretty soon since you will be using the bike for a lot of hours on a daily basis. Apart from that, you should also make sure that you are going with a commuter bike that lets you adjust the parameters of the bike like handlebar height or seat height. This way, you can make the adjustments that seem good for yourself and make the ride more comfortable.


Q. What should I prefer: An electric Commuter bike or a regular commuter bike?

While electric commuter bikes might seem the better option in a lot of aspects, they are quite expensive and might not even be the best choice for a lot of people. The main reason behind that is the added weight of the battery and the motor. While they do help you reduce the effort while riding the bike, they will instantly become additional cargo on your bike as soon as the battery dies. And if that happens on a long route, it would be a really tiresome job to get this bike home. Also, electric bikes are not as portable as regular ones. So, you won’t be able to travel with them.

Q. Can I use other types of bikes as a commuter bike?

There is a reason why most manufacturers have created a special subcategory for commuter bikes. Most other types of bikes like BMX bikes, cargo bikes, or mountain bikes feature a different set of specifications that do not suit well for long-distance travel. For example, the extra thick tires of a BMX bike would increase the riding effort due to added friction or the additional space taken by cargo bikes is simply not the best option for crowded streets. Therefore, you should choose a commuter bike if you are planning to use the bike on a regular basis for long-distance travels.

Q. What is the ideal handle design for a commuter bike?

The handle type available on your commuter bike also affects your comfort level while you are riding the bike. Most bikes that you will see in the market feature strong handles. These handles require you to sit straight on the bike, which can get a little tedious on long-distance rides. Fortunately, some bikes come with a curved handle design that is inspired by professional racing bikes you see in sports events. These handles will let you lean on the bike or sit straight if needed.


Commuting or leisure bikes are one of the best options for a bike for those who use them on a daily routine. These are lightweight, eco-friendly, efficient, and highly comfortable for longer rides. Therefore, even professional office workers or college students are preferring a commuter bike over more stylish options like BMX bikes or MTBs. So the next time you need a cheaper alternative for your routine chores, you won’t have to use your car or take local transport. You can simply take out your commuter bike and travel without any hassle. Today, we have offered you the best options present in the market for a commuter bike that you can buy right now. If you wish to know more about these bikes, take a look at our buying guide for the best commuter bikes to present right after our picks. We also have some recommendations to offer you for a quick selection.

If you are sure that an electric commuter bike is what you need, then you should definitely go with the ANCHEER Electric Bike. This is a cheaper yet powerful option for an electric commuter bike since it houses a 350 watts motor to drive its 26 inches wheels. With that, it manages to attain nearly 20 MPH maximum speed in fully automatic mode which is pretty good for covering long distances in a hurry. You will also find 21-speed options on this bike that lets you use it in manual mode with the same speed. And with its 104 Ah battery, you will get nearly 50 miles of range on this bike in pedal-assisted riding mode.

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget and want an affordable commuter bike, the Outroad Road Bike will be perfect for you. Despite being a cheaper option, it still offers 26 inches 700C wheels paired with a 21-speed gear mechanism for the best riding experience. Thanks to its simplistic design, the Outroad Road Bike supports all riders within the 5.3 to 7 feet height range, which is quite a challenge for most other bikes. On top of that, it is also capable of carrying up to 330 lbs weight despite the bike itself weighing only 35 lbs. It is possible thanks to the aluminum alloy chassis of the bike that minimizes the weight of the frame.

Lastly, we will recommend the Vilano Step through City Bike as this is the only option on this list that offers 29 inches-wide wheels. With the extra large wheels, this bike offers the best riding experience on city streets. Plus, it also has rigid suspensions that can accumulate for the minimal vibrations or impacts of a normal track. However, you must be above 5.4 feet tall to ride this bike due to the large wheel size. It also offers the rider 7-speed options so that cruising around the city becomes much easier.

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