7 Best Zigbee Light Switch Reviews in 2021

7 Best Zigbee Light Switch Reviews in 2021

Light switches are one of the most common things in every household. Even if you don’t have any additional electronic accessories in your home, you will at least have the switches used to operate the devices. The switches are one of the most basic devices that only feature a single purpose, which is to connect and disconnect the circuit. Hence, there is not a lot to expect from a traditional regular switch.

But as we are moving into a smart era, everything is getting upgraded to a smarter variant. The same goes even for the basic light switches as there are smart upgrades available for even these switches. The smart light switches can be operated remotely and also operate independently based on a time schedule. If you wish to upgrade the existing light switches to smart switches, you have come to the right place. But before you do, check these factors carefully.

  • Type of Switch: While a lot of people prefer the old-school rocker type switches, there are modern touch-based switches that use a touch panel. Hence, you will get a different feel while manually operating the switch with just a touch.
  •  Reliability: Even the basic standard switches get damaged due to internal electrical problems. Hence, it is important to double-check the reliability of a smart switch if you are investing in them. Generally, go with the one that offers a longer warranty duration.
  • Price Range: Smart devices certainly seem attractive with the features and ease of access available with them. But, you need to thoroughly check the products for the features and decide whether it is actually worth the investment or not. In case you only want a switch with remote access, you are good to go even with the most affordable option in the market.

Today, we are bringing you the best smart light switches available in the market. In this article, we will be focusing only on Zigbee-supported smart switches as it is a very popular smart home system right now. These switches can be connected to a Zigbee smart home hub to offer you the best features and experience. To know more about the best Zigbee switches, take a look at our “Buying Guide” for these switches.

Best Zigbee Light Switch 2021

Best Zigbee Light Switch Reviews

1. Enbrighten Zigbee Smart Light Switch

Enbrighten Zigbee Smart Light Switch

Enbrighten is a very popular brand of choice for smart devices. It is especially popular for Zwave as well as Zigbee-based smart peripherals.

We will start off our list of the best Zigbee light switches with the most reliable choice in the market. The Enbrighten Zigbee Smart Light Switch offers you a range of helpful smart features along with a premium price tag. This switch is designed with QuickFit technology which makes it easier to install for both new as well as old switch boxes. Furthermore, there is also SimpleWire technology which makes the wiring process fast and easy. You will be able to pair the Enbrighten Zigbee Smart Light Switch with Echo Studio, Echo Show, and Echo Plus smart home devices.

Other than that, it can also be controlled by the Samsung SmartThings hub after pairing. The new design of this switch offers a more compact and attractive design compared to older models. At the time of installation, make sure that your switchboard has a neutral wire as it is necessary for this switch. There is a 5 year-long warranty period provided on the Enbrighten Zigbee Smart Light Switch which is pretty good for a smart switch.

Best Features

  • Premium Zigbee light switch
  • Works with Echo devices as well as Samsung SmartThings hub
  • Voice access via Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Up to 20% more compact design
  • Easy and fast installation


  • Offers the best features
  • Easy to install without professional help
  • Comes with 5 years of warranty


  • Quite an expensive Zigbee light switch

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2. Aqara Smart Light Switch

Aqara Smart Light Switch

Aqara is also a brand that designs both smart devices as well as controllers and hubs for a complete smart home system. If you already have a hub from Aqara, then the following Zigbee light switch will be perfect for you

In the 2nd position, we have one more highly premium smart light switch. This switch is designed by Aqara and works perfectly when paired with the Aqara hub. The Aqara Smart Light Switch does not even require a neutral wire, unlike most other choices which add up to the compatibility of the device. It can be controlled remotely or automatically at set time frames. It is compatible with full home automation programs and can be paired with Alexa, Google Home, and even Apple Homekit.

The operating temperature levels for this switch ranges from 0°C to 40°C which is equivalent to normal home temperature in winter as well as summer. And even if the switch gets overheated due to power surges, it has built-in protection against overheating. As soon as it detects a power surge, the switch will cut off the power supply to prevent any further damage to the switch. It is backed by a year of warranty from Aqara.

Best Features

  • Premium Zigbee light switch
  • 0°C to 40°C working temperature levels
  • Remote control possible
  • Supports Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homekit
  • 1 year warranty period


  • A great choice for full home automation
  • Safe to use
  • Reliable performance and long lifespan


  • Requires Aqara hub for installation

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3. GE Enbrighten Add-On Switch

GE Enbrighten Add-On Switch

If you have recently purchased a smart switch but found out that you will be needing an add-on switch for it, take a look at our next choice. This is a Zigbee-based add-on switch that will certainly solve your problem.

Even add-on switches are getting very expensive nowadays. But, GE has designed a highly affordable add-on switch that works as a great companion for our switch in an affordable price range. Despite being an add-on switch, the GE Enbrighten light switch offers QuickFit and SimpleWire technology which is seen in the majority of the premium smart switches.

Once connected to a smart switch, the add-on switch will simply offer you the same set of features available on the smart switch. Hence, you will be able to dim the lights, control fan speed, and many other functions that are available on the connected smart switches

It is a 2nd generation model of smart switches. This means that you will be getting nearly 20% more compact design as well as a reduced depth which further eases the installation. The GE Enbrighten light switch is compatible with any GE brand smart controller and features 3-way configurations. But, it still requires a neutral wire so keep that in mind. The GE Enbrighten light switch comes with 2 years of warranty which is pretty good for its price.

Best Features

  • Affordable add-on switch
  • Offers the same features as the connected smart switch
  • 2nd generation model of the smart switch
  • Compatible with any GE controller
  • 2 years warranty


  • Supports 3-way configuration
  • Great choice to pair with a premium smart switch
  • Voice control is provided


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4. 3A Smart ZigBee Light Switch Compatible

3A Smart ZigBee Light Switch Compatible

There are next-generation models even for the smart switches which offer an innovative design as well as accessibility. The switch designed by 3A is a similar choice for a Zigbee smart switch.

Coming up next, we are featuring a touch-based smart switch in our list. By just looking at the switch, you can conclude that it is one of the most attractive devices on our list. The 3A ZigBee Light Switch is compatible with Echo Plus devices as well as Zigbee hubs. It is based on the Zigbee 3.0 technology which further increases the compatibility of the device. Apart from touch control, you will also get voice control and smartphone-based app control for the switch.

The switch supports 100 to 240 volts devices which include even the most high-powered devices in the market. While most other switches are made up of polymer or plastic, the ZigBee Light Switch is made of crystal glass to offer you a premium feel while handling the switch. It also has a 2 years warranty period which is great considering it is a highly premium smart light switch

Best Features

  • Premium Zigbee touch switch
  • Based on Zigbee 3.0 technology
  • Works with Hue bridge, Echo plus, Samsung SmartThings hub, and many more
  • Voice and app control
  • 2 years warrant


  • Supports 100 to 240-volt devices
  • Very attractive switch
  • Made of crystal glass


  • Very expensive smart light switch

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5. MOES ZigBee Smart Touch Wall Light Switch

MOES ZigBee Smart Touch Wall Light Switch

MOES also has a very attractive touch-based smart light switch that offers smart features with the Zigbee network. You will find the following switch definitely worth its premium price tag.

The MOES ZigBee Smart Touch Wall Light Switch works with the Tuya Zigbee hub and offers you a range of great features which are to be expected from a premium smart switch. You won’t need a neutral wire for the installation of this switch which might be great news for a lot of users. It offers 2-way and 3-way functionality and remote access via smartphone app or Alexa/Google Home voice assistants. But even if you have a neutral wire, you can go with the optional N+L installation for even better performance.

You will be able to take complete creative control of your devices by scheduling the switch to operate automatically. Apart from select time settings, you can also set up timers of 1 min to 1 hour for energy saving. The MOES ZigBee Smart Touch Wall Light Switch is made up of toughened glass so that it does not get scratched easily. Before you buy this switch, make sure you also get the Tuya Zigbee 3.0 hub and have a 2.4 GHz wireless connection in your home. MOES is offering 2 years warranty on the switch which is pretty good.

Best Features

  • Touch-based smart light switch
  • Made by toughened glass
  • 2-way and 3-way functionality supported
  • Scheduling along with timer functions
  • 2 years warranty


  • A neutral wire is optional for installation
  • Great remote access
  • Very attractive design


  • One of the most expensive Zigbee light switches

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6. Samcom ZigBee inline smart light switch

Samcom ZigBee inline smart light switch

Inline switches are one of the most versatile options for a smart switch. Unlike other switches that offer manual and remote access, the inline switch designed by Samcorn only works with remote access.

The Samcorn inline Zigbee smart switch is also one of the most affordable choices on our list today. On top of that, it features support for multiple devices with a single installation. But, keep in mind that you will still require a regular switch with which you are going to connect the inline switch. The inline switch introduces smart features even with the regular switch such as voice access and remote app control. But, only when it is paired with a Zigbee hub. With the Samcorn inline Zigbee smart switch, you will get support for Google Home and Alexa voice assistant.

The installation of the Samcorn inline Zigbee smart switch is a bit tricky as it does not simply replace the existing switch. Instead, it needs to be installed on the circuit that is connecting the switch and the electrical device. Thus, it is mostly installed inside the walls to avoid cluttering the switchboards. Hence, you will certainly need professional help while installing the Samcorn inline Zigbee smart switch. But, it is quite compact in design so that installation will be faster and safer.

Best Features

  • Inline Zigbee light switch
  • Supports multiple devices
  • No need to replace an existing switch
  • Operated by Echo Plus Zigbee hub
  • Fast installation


  • Supports voice and app control
  • Automated controls based on other smart devices
  • Very cheap offering from Samcorn


  • Installation is a bit difficult

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7. Sengled (E39-G8C) Light Compatible

Sengled Light Compatible

Sengled is the final choice for our list of the best Zigbee light switches. This option comes with a dedicated battery-powered remote which certainly makes the accessibility a bit easier.

Coming in the end, we have the Sengled (E39-G8C) smart light switch. It is compatible with a range of smart home devices such as Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Homekit, and even Siri smart AI from Apple. But, it is only possible after you pair it with a smart Zigbee hub. The Sengled (E39-G8C) is a smart dimmer light switch that does not require any wiring and can be used for a range of smart devices connected to the same Zigbee network. All you need to do is mount the wall plate even though that is not necessary as you can just keep it in the range without permanently mounting it

You can control the Sengled (E39-G8C) via the battery-powered remote control included in the package. You can set up the brightness levels, turn the devices on/off or use a preset option with just a single click. As for the presets, you can use the Sengled Home app to customize your own presets. Coming to the design of the device, Sengled has designed a very elegant and attractive wall plate as well as a remote controller

Best Features

  • Battery-powered Zigbee smart switch
  • Supports many Zigbee based smart lights
  • No wiring is required
  • A dedicated remote is also included
  • Works with Alexa, Google, Samsung SmartThings, HomeKit, and Siri AI


  • Customizable presets with the smartphone app
  • Very easy to install
  • Attractive design


  • Not a suitable choice for all users

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Buying Guide For The Best Zigbee Light Switch

Zigbee devices are getting more and more popular these days. The main reason users are ditching WiFi-based smart systems for Zigbee or Z wave plus is the ease of connectivity, reliable performance, and budget-friendly smart devices. If you have not upgraded your house to a Zigbee network smart home yet, don’t worry. It is always ideal to start small and get a taste of the system before implementing it. As for Zigbee devices, you should first pick up decent Zigbee light switches and check the features and performance before you move on to other options.

The Zigbee light switches will allow you to convert your standard lights into Zigbee-powered smart access devices just by replacing the switch. These switches control the power level, connectivity, and schedule for the given electronic device which allows you to use it as a smart device. If you wish to know more about Zigbee smart switches, take a look at our buying guide for the best Zigbee light switches.


The only reason to upgrade from a standard non-smart switch to a smart switch is the number of features available on the latter. Smart switches offer tonnes of great features which you should check thoroughly before buying the switch or the set of switches. Generally, you should prefer to replace the regular switches in your home with an identical smart switch set so that you won’t have to go through compatibility issues at the time of installation.

Talking about the features, you will primarily get remote access to the switches which will save you the trouble of going to the switches to manually operate them. You can simply take care of that via your smartphone without having to reach the device manually. Other than that, you should check the voice access feature as it is also very beneficial if you have a smart speaker system, smart TV, or even a smartwatch that supports the same voice assistant.

Compatibility With Hub

Compatibility is a recurring problem with smart devices, especially with Z wave and Zigbee-supported systems. Unlike WiFi-based systems, The Zigbee network requires a separate controller or hub to work. The hubs are designed by a variety of brands that offer different sets of features and are offered at a different budget range.

Hence, it is crucial to find out the compatibility of the Zigbee devices you are getting and making sure that they are compatible with your Zigbee hub. To get ahead of the problem, you should get the hub first and then select the switches based on the hub you bought

This way, compatibility won’t be an issue for you as the switch you are picking will definitely work properly as it is rated compatible with the given hub. If you pick up 2 different sets of switches that are compatible with different types of hubs, you will have to have both of these hubs in your house. It will increase the expenses of your system and also add up to the number of devices installed in your home.

Type of Switch

Before you buy a smart switch, you need to decide which type of switch you want and what you are going to access with it. For example, switches that are designed for lights specifically, do not work with fans and vice versa. There are also dimmer switches that can alter the brightness of light but do not work with the speed of the fan

On the other hand, the switches that include the additional functionality of a speed controller cannot be used with lights. Other than that, the physical appearance and manual access should be checked before buying the switch. The switch is also a kind of aesthetic device that should go well with the decor in your home for the best experience

As for the manual control, you can select between a standard rocker switch, an advanced touch-based switch, a remote-controlled switch, or even an inline switch that offers multiple connections at once. While you won’t have to access the switches manually most of the time, you will have to resort to that if you cannot control them via voice commands or a smartphone app.

Price Range

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on the smart switch, you will get the features and compatibility range on the switches. Generally, the premium devices offer many more features as well as compatibility with various devices.

But, if you want basic functionality such as remote access and scheduling, you shouldn’t invest in an overly expensive Zigbee light switch. Instead, you should choose one of the cheaper options in the market and pick up a set of switches so that you can replace more switches in your home at once

Even if the switch is cheap, it will still offer you basic smart features which are mostly good enough for many users. Also, the reliability of the switch changes with the budget range. Premium switches are designed with heavy-duty material and high-quality craftsmanship. Hence, the approximate lifespan, as well as the warranty period allotted to these switches, is longer.


Talking about warranty, it is also a crucial factor and must not be disregarded while purchasing an electronic product. As for the Zigbee light switches mentioned on our list today, you will find a certain warranty period with most of our choices which shall help you pick up a better option. The warranty period changes based on various factors such as budget range, build quality, features, applicability, etc.

If something were to happen to your Zigbee smart switch within the warranty period, you won’t have to rush to buy a new switch from the market as the brand will take care of that for you. You can contact the brand and have a professional technician take a look at the problem for you. Once the root cause of the problem is identified, you will receive free-of-cost repair service on the unit. And if the repair is not possible, the brand will also replace the product for you at no additional cost.


Q. Which app do I need for Zigbee light switches?

The smartphone or desktop app you need to control your Zigbee light switches completely depends upon what hub you are using for your system. The hubs are basically the controllers that connect and manage all Zigbee devices.

Hubs designed by different brands can mostly be controlled by the dedicated app designed by the same brand. But, there are a few expectations to that. There are few hubs that offer open-source design and can be controlled by any universal application. But, this is not that big of a problem as most Zigbee hubs nowadays support voice control. Hence, all you have to do is provide voice commands without needing to open any application at all.

Q. What are the benefits of Zigbee light switches?

Zigbee systems offer many advantages of a basic non-smart switch. First of all, you get to access the switch directly with your smartphone which is always around you. Hence, you can turn the lights on/off or control fan speed without needing to go to the switchboard. Apart from that, the Zigbee light switches can be connected with a smart hub so that you can use the switches with the help of smart speaker systems powered by Google Home or Alexa.

Zigbee itself is a very beneficial smart home system as the power requirements are low and it does not require continuous internet access to work. Some Zigbee devices are also battery-powered so that you get a backup period even when power is cut off. Lastly, the Zigbee light switches are offered at a lower price tag compared to WiFi-based smart switches. These are the benefits you can expect from a Zigbee light switch.

Q. How many switches do I need?

The answer to this question completely depends upon you. The number of switches you require should be equal to the number of devices you wish to control remotely. For example, you might have multiple lights or fans in a single room.

Hence, you will have to get a dedicated switch for each of these devices. Unless you prefer the option that supports multiple devices with a single installation. We recommend you to check the devices in your home that can be controlled by the switches as well before you place your order. And if you are going with affordable switches, it is beneficial to buy a couple of extra switches so that you can use them as a backup in case one or more switches get damaged.


To get the best Zigbee light switches, you will have to browse through hundreds of options in the market until you find the best one. And even then, you will have to consider various factors such as availability, budget, reliability, etc. before you can place your order.

To help you with that, we brought the best Zigbee switches right at your fingertips in this article. In case you want to know what to check before buying one, take a glance at our buying guide for the best switches. In the end, we will leave you with some of our personal favorite Zigbee lights switches from this list.

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