10 Best Power Inverter for Trucks in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

10 Best Power Inverter for Trucks in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

There’s no doubt that being a truck driver isn’t a child’s play. Average truck drivers in the USA spent almost 257 nights (every year) away from their family. Sorry, for making you realize that.

But, here’s a thing that you know well. A quality inverter for your truck can improve your driving experience up to a greater extent. With this, you can enjoy the cold breezes(coming from the AC) or grasping a cold drink from the refrigerator whenever you feel so. These luxurious options increase more if you spent a decent time in your RV.

However, there’s is an issue. Countless inverter claim to provide you with the best seamless services(that is not true). It’ll not be wise to take a hunch by putting your convenience and money at stake. 

A truck inverter is a one-time investment that’ll last for several years. You should pick the utmost solution. And, this is why we’re here to help you. After performing a tonne of research on the products available in the market, we’ve made a list. A list that includes ‘the bests’.

But, hold on. 

Before diving into the list for your truck, there are prerequisites. Having a bit of idea about what to look for in an inverter will help you to make a satisfying purchase. Just go through the factors mentioned below in brief so that we can quickly jump in.

Power wattage is the foremost thing to consider. Every inverter comes with a specific range of power supply. Take a closer look at your electric consumptions and you’ll have a rough idea about the power needed. Although, a 2000Watts inverter is enough for general devices to work (television, mini-refrigerator).

  • Pure Sine Wave  Vs Modified Sine Wave

Inverters produce a specific type of energy, it’s either a pure sine wave or modified sine wave. Both of these energies have some pros and cons, you’re going to decide here as well.

Pure sine wave inverters are one of the stable waves of energy. Thus, these waves will not harm your devices anyhow. You should surely consider it for sensitive devices. 

The only major downside of pure sine waves is, they’re expensive. This is why considering a pure sine wave inverter will demand extra money from your pocket.

Modified sine waves are the latest version of sine waves that are more workable in terms of money. They aren’t as stable as the pure form. However, there’s nothing to worry about. The majority of the devices have no threats from modified sine wave without any issues. 

There is no need to worry if you feel left out by going through the above points. A detailed “Buying Guide” is also mentioned later in this article to ease up things. Now, let us dive into the list and find the most ideal inverter for you. 

Best Power Inverter for Trucks in 2021

Best Power Inverter for Trucks in 2021: Reviews

1. Krieger 2000 Watts Power Inverter

Krieger 2000 Watts Power Inverter

Kreiger 2000Watts is a compact-sized power inverter. It’ll be the perfect pick if you’re running out of space. The inverter can be fit anywhere and doesn’t weigh much. 

It also comes with 4000Watts of peak power. Thus, you can rely on an inverter while plugging heavy devices with zero worries. 

The inverter features you with the smart remote system, which tends to become much handy in the long run. Now, you can switch the inverter with just a single press(that too without moving).

Another adorable feature on the list is the smart LCD screen. It will inform you about the accurate conditions of both the inverter and batteries. The screen will display power status, I/O voltages, and many other protect symbols on the way.

Kreiger is well known for its durable and long life span products. This 2000 Watts inverter too, stands firmly in our expectations.  

Still, doubting the quality of this product? Well, the company believes to provide you with superior quality. This is why you get three complete years of labours and a parts warranty with it.

For easy connectivity process, the Kreigher 2000Watts provides you with two USB ports and AC outlets each. This will easily cover all moderate power loads that too without investing a fortune.

Things We Like:

  • Remote Control
  • LED screen
  • Three years Warranty

Things We Didn’t Like:

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2. Energizer 3000 Watts Power Inverter

Energizer 3000 Watts Power Inverter

There’s no doubt that the Energizer 3000Watts will take care of your moderate to high consumption needs. Moreover, its peak 6000Watts of power leaves no reasons to worry about the safety of the inverter.

Its smart LED screen is there to convey accurate details about the inverter and battery. You can easily know about the battery stats, I/O voltage and a lot of other things. On operating the inverter on protection mode, the LED will let you know about the active modes as well.

The inverter is equipped with a decent number of ports as well. There are two USB ports and AC outlets each so that you don’t need to comprise on plugging devices. Also, you’ll get the necessary cables with the pack.

This Energizer 3000Watts is equipped with all the necessary safety features. Whether it’s low voltage, overheating, or surge, the inverter can handle all of them with ease. On top of that, the company also provides you with a decent replaceable warranty of two years. Which makes this heavy inverter worth considering.

Things We Like:

  • LED screen
  • Two years Warranty

Things We Didn’t Like:

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3. Ampeak 2000 WattsPower Inverter 

Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter 

Ampeak is one of the oldest company in the automotive and energy solution space. Its 2000Watts power inverter comes from the side of 23 years old company. Thus, questioning its quality will be a waste of time.

This power inverter is compact, which means, you’ll not have to worry about the limited space. In addition to this, its out body is made with an ABS shell to provide strength and durability to the inverter(physically). Thus, no worries while riding a truck on poor roads.

By having a glimpse of the advanced features, it looks like it is a 2000 Watts+ inverter. The Ampeak inverter comes with two cooling fans for effective heat removing process. No matter what the heat will be, these fans will always manage to cool down the whole system in no time. This also brings surety, that the inverter will last for many years. 

Having an LED screen is another benefit that will lure you towards it. In this way, you’ll always know the current condition of both batteries and inverter. Also, knowing inverter health, you’ll be able to take every precaution to prevent further damages.

The inverter is more beneficial if you’re inclined towards using heavy or general devices(those doesn’t require USB ports). You’ll get three AC outlets and only one USB port for easy connectivity. A bit of limitation to electronic gadgets. An additional remote plug is also available (if you wish) to make the inverter remote control. The remote will demand ten more dollars only.

As a bonus, you also got 18 months of replaceable guarantee. This will let you towards a worry-free purchase.

Things We Like:

  • ABS shell body 
  • Two cooling fan
  • LED screen

Things We Didn’t Like:

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4. BESTEK 1200 Watts Power Inverter

BESTEK 1200W Power Inverter

This one is to cover up the needs for a small vehicle like vans and mini trucks. A 1200Watts power inverter is all you need in this case. But, don’t worry with BESTEK, you’ll not have to worry about the quality of the inverter. The company provides you with almost similar benefits, you expect in high power inverters.

Starting with the quiet cooling fan first. The company claims to provide you with zero to minimum operating sound. This will help you on long journeys, drive your vehicle without any irritating and distracting sound.

The LED display is also available with this model. Helping you to have a better look at the inverter and battery status. This smart screen displays important health condition such as battery level, safety symbols, etc. You can easily take necessary steps when needed.

This inverter doesn’t compromise on the safety and protection of devices. It is equipped with four 50Amp fuses to handle even severe conditions easily. On top of that, all the necessary features (like safe charging, overheat prevention, overload prevention) are also added.

For flexible connectivity of multiple devices, a decent number of ports are available here. There are two USB ports and AC outlets each. Having these numbers of ports in a 1200WAtts inverter is quite praisable. Moreover, getting 18 months of replaceable warranty is like a cherry on the cake. You get all of these lucrative yet powerful features within 100 dollars of investment. 

Things We Like:

  • Number of ports
  • 50 Amp fuses
  • Silent cooling fan

Things We Didn’t Like:

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5. Giandel 5000 Watts Power Inverter

Giandel 5000W Power Inverter

This one is the leading inverter manufacturers of Australia, Giandel. For over a decade, the Giandel have never disappointed the market with any faulty product. And its 5000W power inverter is no exception. 

This heavy-duty inverter will be a perfect match if you’ve higher electric needs in general. Installing the inverter makes you completely worry-free about the health of plugging devices. Not only for regular truck drivers but there’s something for RV workshop owners too. You can even use it to operate heavy machines like chainsaw or grinder as well.

The inverter’s peak power is over 10000Watts. It will easily handle the starting burden of every device you plug-in simultaneously. Thus, riding your truck without any fear of overload and surge issues.

Here’s an intriguing feature of Giandal Inverter that separates it from the rest of the crowd. The company provides you with a remote control facility to have complete control over the inverter with zero hassle. Now, there’s no need to install the inverter near the driver cabin. The cable connecting remotely is 14 feet long, allowing you to freely choose the installing position of the inverter.

The Giandel 5000Watts is built big and comes with a high-grade aluminium body. This smart build-up design keeps the inverter safe from any possible physical damage (such as drops and bumps). 

There’s no doubt that the inverter is equipped with all the necessary safety features. From handling low voltages to prevent short circuits, there’s nothing to worry about. It even has an auto-restart feature for more reliability.

Things We Like:

  • Heavy Workload
  • Remote control
  • Four AC outlets

Things We Didn’t Like:

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6. VOLTWORKS 3000 Watts Power Inverter

VOLTWORKS 3000W Power Inverter

This will be the best pick to consider for pure sine wave lovers. VOLTWORKS is a pure sine wave inverter that will turn out to be the best friend of your devices. On top of that, the 3000 Watts of power is more than enough to cover your basic electric needs. 

When it comes to comparing the features of this inverter with other modified options, the VOLTWORKS doesn’t hold back. Starting with the most adorable one, smart remote control. The feature gives you the liberty to control the inverter from the driver seat, regardless of the inverter’s position. This remote with 15 feet long cable becomes more valuable when you feel the need to switch the inverter on a warm crowded road.

The smart LCD screen is another praisable factor. With this, you can easily know the current status of the inverter. It displays all the vital information like- battery left, IO voltage, and other safety symbols (when using it in protection mode.). You

The material used to build the body is high-grade aluminium for durability and a long lifespan. On the internal side, there’s something worth mentioning too. VOLTWORKS is equipped with a silent cooling fan, thus no irritating buzzing sound. You’ll have always had a peaceful, distraction-free riding experience.

There’s great flexibility in connecting multiple devices as well. The inverter provides you with two USB ports and four AC outlets(having 1500 Watts max in each). 

Things We Like:

  • Remote control
  • Silent cooling fan
  • High number of ports

Things We Didn’t Like:

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7. AIMS 2000 Watts Power Inverter

AIMS 2000W Power Inverter

AIMS power inverter might turn out to be the best pick for pure sine waves lovers. The inverter provides you with seamless 2000 Watts of max power. You also get 4000Watts of tweak power that ensures the safety of both devices and inverter as well. One of the best part that of AIMS pure sine wave inverters are, there’s not much of a need to stretch your budget.

Starting with the remote feature first, it is completely optional. You’ll not get the remote with the pack, but the inverter has a port for it. You can easily buy a ten dollars remote and plug-in according to your needs. 

With the help of pure sine waves, this can be a worthy pick for RV owners. Having a stable and safe energy source will keep your valuable devices much longer. Also, there will no need to worry about sensitive devices(like LEDs, and CPAPs machines).

The inverter looks sturdy and is made with a high-grade aluminium shell. Your inverter will behave with no effects on physical bumps or thumps. Thus, you can drive the vehicle regardless of road conditions.

As a sign of trust and reliability, the company provides you with two years of manufacturing warranty. An additional benefit to go with.

Things We Like:

  • Pure Sine Wave
  • LED screen
  • Two years Warranty

Things We Didn’t Like:

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8. POWER BRIGHT 2300 Watts Power Inverter

POWER BRIGHT 2300W Power Inverter

POWER BRIGHT is a new company that is providing seamless durable products to people. This POWER BRIGHT inverter comes with 2300Watts of power supply and 4600Watts of peak power. These numbers are enough for your small to medium energy loads. Whether you plug refrigerator or mini AC, there’s nothing to worry about.

The inverter provides you with enough smart features. Talking about smart LCD screen is good to go with. The screen displays important readings including power status, I/O voltage, and other import safety symbols. A notable thing here is, the reading is displayed in red colour. It will help you to see accurate numbers even if you’re distant from them.

Its advanced microprocessor is something, in which the company feels proud of. You’ll barely have any disappointments regarding it. The microprocessor starts the cooling fan, right from the beginning. This prevents the inverter from reaching high temperature, effectively than other competitors.

The inverter is nowhere less in the safety measures as well. The inverter is built to provide seamless services for hefty purposes only(for army purpose mostly). The outer body is made with a high-grade anodized case and comes with a heat sink design as well. 

On top of that, you also get a complete one-year replaceable warranty. Thus, you’ll have a reliable purchase.

Coming to a major downside, we noticed in POWER BRIGHT. It is about the connectivity ports. You only get two AC outlets and no USB ports. Although if you’re someone willing to use, single heavy devices, this isn’t an issue for you.

Things We Like:

  • Advanced Microprocessor
  • Rough and Tough Body
  • Red LED display

Things We Didn’t Like:

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9. ERAYAK 1000 Watts Power Inverter

ERAYAK 1000W Power Inverter

ERAYAK inverter is another worthy option to pick for your low energy workloads. A 1000Watts inverter with 1600Watts of tweak power is okay but could have been better if increased. However, the best part is, you get everything in the budget-friendly price range.

However, taking this inverter for granted by looking at the power wattages isn’t a wise decision. ERAYAK provides you with top-notch features, for seamless performance and durability. 

Mentioning its unique automatic boosting technology first. The technology instantly improves the performance of the inverter (when needed) without any power drops. Thus, you experience zero power drops and your devices stay healthy for a longer period.

This inverter is mostly equipped with superior parts only. The high-quality electromagnetic rings, and high-power flame retardant fans are one of them. As a result, this inverter provides better interference and heat sink capacity than others.

For, more energy resources, this inverter also allows you to adopt solar technology as well. You can easily plug your solar panel with the inverter for free energy. Indeed, solar panels aren’t a good option for trucks but as an RV owner, you found a gold nugget.

Coming to another appreciable feature, connectivity. The company knows to make their customers happy, even in a 1000Watts inverter. There are three AC outlets and two USB ports for utmost convenience.

The trusted certifications and other advanced technologies take all worries about the safety measures. There’s nothing left to worry about. Moreover, the two years warranty adds more points to the trust factor of this inverter.

Things We Like:

  • Automatic Boosting Technology
  • Usable with solar panels
  • Two years Warranty

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Tweak Power could’ve been more

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10. COBRA CPI 1500 Watts Power Inverter

COBRA CPI 1500W Power Inverter

This one is another considerable option for hour low-end electric needs. you can use it anywhere, car, van, boats, and even hiking trips as well. Cobra CPI comes with 1500Watts and 3000Watts of peak power. Thus, no worries of damaging any devices during plugging them.

The particular power capacity makes the inverter easily portable as well. It even has a handle on the top for holding purposes. Moreover, talking about the space needed becomes completely useless here. 

Coming to the attention-grabbing feature, its LED indicator. The LED display in the inverter comes in 7 different colours to tell you the accurate battery status. All the other necessary information is displayed as well. Having a multiple colour display gives you precise condition and it looks great too.

The most unique feature that makes the COBRA inverter stand apart is its tough protection. This 1500Watts inverter is built with Pentagon Protection. It is five-level advanced protection that effectively prevents major energy issues(it includes low voltage alarm as well). You can completely rely on Pentagon protection for the healthy and long life span of the inverter. 

The connectivity ports are another thing that makes your decision inclined towards the COBRA inverter. Even in a 1500Watts device, you’ll get four AC outlets and two USB ports. Thus, ensuring no compromising during long journeys in plugging devices.

Things We Like:

  • High numbers of ports
  • Stylish LED screen
  • Pentagon protection

Things We Didn’t Like:

Buy Now From Amazon

Things to Consider While Purchasing a Truck Inverter: Buying Guide

There’s a high chance that you might’ve got confused so far(by looking at such competitive products). This is the main reason, why we’ve included a buying guide to this article. The guide includes all the necessary factors (in detail) so that you can have a clear idea about the whole inverter thing. 

Let me guide you through this.


Every inverter comes with a specific range of power wattage(power is measured in Watt). And this factor is the foremost thing to consider. 

You might are well of the fact that buying an inverter with high power is always beneficial. But, hold on. In reality, the inverters kinda behave like a double-edged sword. The more wattage an inverter possesses, the faster your batteries will drain. 

This is why you should consider a sweet spot (according to your needs) when it comes to the power of the inverter. Have a look, how many appliances do you have and what are their required wattage. At last, add them. You’ll get some rough figures. 

On the other hand, you should consider an inverter that is a bit powerful than your needs. This will ensure the safety of both devices and inverter as well. Concluding this scenario in numbers would be to Pick a 2000Watts inverter, even though your total power required is only 1500Watts.

Peak Power

An electronic device, in the beginning, consumes more power than its running consumption. It’s like an additional thump to start functioning normally (just like an engine consumes more fuel in the beginning.). 

To handle such situations, your inverter should be fully prepared for this. And here comes the concept of peak power. The peak power is the maximum power of an inverter(although the need for this power is very short). In general, a reliable inverter should have double peak power as compared to its general wattage. 

A 2000Watts inverter should have 4000Watts of peak power. 

Sine Waves Vs Modified Sine Waves

Inverters produced energy in the form of waves, more particularly, sine waves. These waves are more stable and barely affects the life of the inverter. Many places (like home, offices) are equipped with sine waves inverter only. It is because you need more stability for appliances(especially for sensitive devices.).

However, there’s is a serious drawback with sine waves inverters that can’t be ignored. And it’s, they’re not budget-friendly.

Modified sine waves, on the flip side, are more economical. This is why modified sine inverters are mosts used for non-primary usages(like car inverters and truck inverters). 

But, there’s no need to worry about the health of the devices. The majority of the devices are completely compatible with these modified sine waves. Thus, saving money without worrying about the devices.

Connectivity Ports

Every inverter comes with a certain amount of connectivity ports. You’ll observe these ports are mainly in the combination of AC outlets and USB ports. AC outlets for general devices (like- television, refrigerator), and USB ports are mainly for electronic gadgets(like- laptop, smartphones). Having more numbers of port simply means having more convenience. It allows you to connect multiple devices.

But, here’s a catch too. All inverters do not provide you with the same numbers of the port.

Take a look at your electric needs and come up with a rough number of ports. You can also pay attention to the type of device you’ll plug in (AC outlets for general machines, USB if more gadgets). 

Remote Control

An inverter with remote control feature allows you to turn on/off the machine from a distant position. This isn’t a mandatory thing, although there’s no doubt having remote control makes thing handier.

The feature becomes more important for you if you drive a long truck or an RV(where the inverter isn’t set up near you.).


There’s no doubt, an inverter can turn your long boring journeys into a luxurious driving experience. 

The only catch is, you’ve to pick the right one according to your needs. I’m sure that the above information will help you to get through the process. All you need is to go through the buying guide and then speculate the list of products one by one.

If you’re feeling dizzy and asking me to help out, then you might live to pick my favorite inverter. The inverter is a sweet spot that satisfies almost every type of users. 

So, which one are you going with, comment below? Also, if you’ve any doubts or query related to inverters, feel free to ask in the comment sections. Our team will reach you in a while. 

For lighting, electrical, signage, and technology solutions that allow you to do more call Sverige Energy today at +4(670) 4122522.

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