10 Best Guitar Cases For Protecting your Gear

10 Best Guitar Cases For Protecting your Gear

Some of the best guitars come in a really good guitar case, but most do not. If your guitar is rented, used or delivered with a damaged or broken case, the right guitar case can mean the difference between your guitar working or failing on stage.

For carrying your guitar to practices, performances and back home again, you need a guitar case that protects your guitar from bangs, bumps and the environment.

From hard cases to gig bags, there are some factors that you should consider before buying any guitar case.

  • Type: There are typically three kinds of guitar cases to choose from- hard cases, soft cases/gig bags and flight cases. The hard cases are the most preferred cases by the experts. Soft cases or gig bags are preferred for small travels or travelling around town. And, the flight bags are most suitable for long journeys.
  • Size: Before buying any guitar bag, it is crucial to know the size of the guitar and the bag. You have to look for the perfect bag size which will easily fit your guitar.
  • Material: You should always go for the material which is more durable as you want your guitar bag to last long. You should go for the bags which will last against water and harsh weather conditions.

In this guide, we have listed the 10 best guitar bags in our list with their best features, advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking to purchase a guitar bag, read our Buying Guide as well to select your ideal guitar bag.

Best Guitar Cases 2022

Best Guitar Cases Reviews

1. Acoustic Guitar Bag by CAHAYA

Acoustic Guitar Bag by CAHAYA

This gig bag by Cahaya for acoustic or classical is ideal for storing your guitar and protecting it from dust and debris. This bag is on the larger side and is suitable for 39″, 40″, and 41″ guitars.

With Oxford Cloth on the exterior, the bag is resistant to lighter rains protecting your guitar from water and humid conditions. They feature 0.35-inch thick padding and an interior mesh layer to limit wear and tear.

The two-way smooth, durable plastic zippers allow easy access. The dual adjustable shoulder straps and two handles allow you to carry the guitar around town and across cities easier. The shockproof rubber bottom saves the guitar from daily bumps and knocks.

The front handle adds to the decorative value and increases the convenience of carrying the guitar. The handle loop back allows hanging the bag on the wall when not used. There are two pockets- the small pocket, which is suitable for tuners, capos and picks and a front pocket which is big and suitable for 12 X9 inch music books.

Best Features:

  • Type: Gig bag/ Softcover
  • Dimensions: 43.5″ X4.7″ X17.7″
  • Material: Oxford cloth
  • Weight: 1.37 lbs


  • Oxford cloth makes the bag water-resistant.
  • Shoulder straps and handles allow easy portability.
  • The lightweight makes it ideal for heavy and large guitars.
  • The pockets help to carry tuners, picks and music books.


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2. Acoustic Guitar Padded Gig Bag by ChromaCast 


ChromaCast has come up with a gig bag which is roadworthy and one of the best in design and durability. This company is dedicated to providing premium products at affordable prices.

The 10mm interior foam padding ensures better quality and protection than its counterparts. The velcro neck-strap keeps the guitar neck in place during travelling. The rugged bottom bumper is dual-purpose as it protects the guitar from compression damage and the bag from falling apart.

The twin comfort backpack style adjustable straps allow the bag to fit any type of body. There are two handles- a front reinforced handle which is super durable and allows you to grab and go, and a side dual velcro handle which provides absolute security to the guitar.

Additionally, it features two top pockets ideal for carrying guitar stands and four bottom pockets to carry music sheets, accessories, keys, phones, picks and much more. The product also comes with guitar straps and pick samplers.

Best Features:

  • Type: Gig bag
  • Dimensions: 43″ X13.5″/ 17″ X4″
  • Material: Rubber
  • Weight: 2 lbs


  • 10 mm interior foam padding.
  • Velcro neck strap secures the neck of the guitar.
  • 6 pockets allow you to carry all accessories in a single bag.


  • The quality of zippers is not ideal.

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3. Vintage Arch-Top Wooden Case by Crossrock

Vintage Arch-Top

This hard case by Crossrock is perfect for 6 strings hollow body and semi-hollow electric guitars. It also fits the Gibson ES-335 style guitar perfectly. This hard case has a vintage design with an Arch-Top. They are constructed with a multi-layer wooden shell which secures the guitar completely and is durable.

Also, it features sponge padding with red lining for added support and protection. The vintage brown leatherette as the exterior design gives the hard case a royal look and increases its durability. This case also saves the guitar from harsh weather conditions.

The leatherette handles and vintage bronze latches look stunning and offer a better grip. This case also features a large accessory compartment with a lid to carry necessary guitar accessories.

Best Features:

  • Type: Hard case
  • Dimensions: 45.3″ X5.9″ X19.7″
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 10.3 lbs


  • Wooden construction makes the product durable.
  • Vintage brown leatherette exterior.
  • Large accessory compartment.
  • Soft padding for extra protection.


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4. Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag by GLEAM 


This Gleam gig bag is made of Oxford cloth and sponge to ensure long life. The key features of the gig bag include 0.35-inch thick sponge padding behind the side and the front and back fabric, capable of withstanding slight collision.

The 600D Oxford Cloth is friction-resistant and waterproof, efficiently protecting the guitar from impact and humid conditions. The zinc-alloy zippers with thickened zinc material allow repeated use of the zippers without any damage.

The front handle is convenient for carrying the guitar around and allows you to hang the guitar bag on the wall. Besides, the wide straps allow you to carry the guitar on your back without any pain.

There are two pockets- a small pocket capable of holding small instrument accessories and a large pocket for storing accessories and books.

Best Features:

  • Type: Gig bag
  • Dimensions: 42″ X5″ X17″
  • Material: Sponge and Oxford cloth
  • Weight: 1.64 lbs


  • Durable construction with Oxford cloth and sponge.
  • Wide straps allow easy portability for long hours.
  • Friction-resistant and waterproof.
  • Two pockets allow carrying all accessories for the guitar.


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5. Moulded Flight Case by Gator Cases

Moulded Flight Case by Gator Cases

This flight case is a perfect fit for dreadnought-shaped acoustic guitars. They are made of military-grade, solid polyethylene plastic and specially built to protect the guitar from any possible damage during air travel.

The exterior of this case is a black powder-coated valance, which adds style, structure and strength. The interior consists of a thick EPS foam nest for extra layer of protection.

Furthermore, the foam has a black plush coating and an extended neck cradle to shield the neck from impacts. It features a new-design TSA-approved locking latch secured, ergonomic handles and a comfortable grip to provide maximum support during travel.

The red release clamp allows easy access to the instrument inside and enables it to open the lock easily. It also ensures extra security for the guitar. The case has plenty of storage room to store picks, strings, cables, straps, capos and other necessary guitar equipment.

Best Features:

  • Type: Flight case
  • Dimensions: 41.5″ X16.5″ X4.75″
  • Material: Polyethylene plastic
  • Weight: 11.35 lbs


  • Easy to open TSA-approved lock.
  • Soft plush interior with neck support.
  • Easy to carry handles.
  • Enough space for storage.


  • People had issues with packaging.

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6. Guitar Gig Bag by Jupitoo

Guitar Gig Bag by Jupitoo

This gig bag by Jupitoo consists of high-quality water-resistant 600D Oxford Cloth, a heavy-duty rubber base and padded sponge. The thick padded sponge prevents the guitar from any scratches.

The high-quality metal zippers are water-resistant, durable and smooth for quick and easy access. The heavy-duty rubberized base protects the guitar from unexpected bumps while travelling.

There are two pockets on the outside- the large for storing music sheets and the small one for picks, cables, capos, tuners and other small accessories.

The shoulder straps and handle lips allow you to carry the guitar in hand or on the back as per your convenience. The bag is available in multiple sizes and can be customized for storing electric guitars, acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, electric bass, ukulele, or classical guitars. It is extremely lightweight for easy portability.

Best Features:

  • Type: Gig bag
  • Dimensions:42″ X17″ X2.8″
  • Material: Oxford Cloth and sponge
  • Weight: 0.17 lbs


  • Size customisation available.
  • Rubber bottom saves the guitar bumps.
  • Easy and quick chain access prevents scratches.
  • Dual carrying facility.


  • No foam to protect the guitar.

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7. Acoustic Guitar Bag by Donner

Acoustic Guitar Bag by Donner

This acoustic gig bag by Doner is made of 600D water-resistant Oxford Nylon to protect your guitar from light rain and moisture. The bag has 8mm sponge and 210D soft lining fabric which protects the guitar from unexpected scratches, collision, bumps and damages while travelling or storing.

This bag is tailor-made for 40″ and 41″ size guitars. The gig bag also features smooth double metal zippers and does not get stuck, therefore saving the guitar from scratches.

There are 2 shoulder straps (adjustable) and a padded side carry handle for easy portability. The large front pocket is roomy enough for carrying music books and other guitar accessories.

The hand guard at the exterior of the handle increases the surface area to avoid any discomfort while carrying the guitar for long hours.

Best Features:

  • Type: Gig bag
  • Dimensions: 42″ X 17.7″ X6″
  • Material: 600D nylon
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Tailor-made for 40″ and 41″ guitars.
  • Heavy-Duty double metal zippers.
  • 8mm padded sponge.


  • Some users experienced mold in the case.

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8. Hard Case by  GLARRY

Hard Case by  GLARRY

This hard case by GLARRY is a perfect fit for 39″ classical acoustic guitars. Made of high-quality wood  the guitar case looks and feels very elegant, sturdy and durable.

The case has an exterior coating of PU leather which makes it look premium from both inside and outside. Feels smooth and soft, and is also resistant to moisture. The inside is covered with over 2 mm of foam padding which protects your instrument against scratches.

The extra arc-shaped neck support and bridge padding helps to secure the guitar even further. The product features study lock latches and bumpers which provides stability and added protection. The sturdy strap restricts the wear and tear of the product.

The hard case comes with a large interior storage compartment featuring a lid to secure all necessary guitar accessories. The portable handle and wear-resistant feet add to the benefits of the product.

Best Features:

  • Type: Hard case
  • Dimensions: 42.1″ X 16.7″ X6.3″
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 9.4 lbs


  • Superior latch design.
  • Constructed with high-quality materials.
  • Plush lining.
  • PU leather exterior


  • Available in only one size.

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9. Hard-Foam Case by Knox Gear


This Knox Gear gig bag can fit most standard size acoustic guitars. They are a perfect solution for road trips and traveling around town.

The 600D Oxford cloth polyfoam exterior is water-resistant, durable and lightweight. The snug fit interior with 5mm plush interior makes sure that the guitar is in a safe position and immobilised.

There are two pockets-a large front zipper pocket and a small hidden pocket inside. The double metal zipper  easily opens and closes the gig back and protects the guitar of any scratches.

This bag also features removable and adjustable backstage which enables hands-free portability. Additionally, it also has a padded comfort grip handle which reduces pain while carrying the bag.

Best Features:

  • Type: Gig bag
  • Dimensions: 43″ X 16″ X5″
  • Material: Oxford cloth
  • Weight: 1 lb


  • 5mm plush interior.
  • Both interior and exterior storage.
  • Durable and easy access zippers.
  • Adjustable back straps.


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10. Acoustic Guitar Case by DIBOER


This gig bag is made of high-quality products and is cost-efficient. It’s also made of similar 600D Oxford cloth and is water-resistant in nature.

It has 0.3 inch padded cotton in the interior which is stitched in place with smooth woven liners which is more durable than foams. It also features a 16-nail, anti-skid mat which provides protection against collision.

The ABS double thickened scratch button makes the bag strong and durable. The shoulder strap with widened cotton is not only comfortable to use but also more durable. The high-quality double metal zipper is corrosion resistant, strong and durable.

The double silicon design makes the bag lightweight and portable. The double front pockets ensure enough storage for accessories.

Best Features:

  • Type: Gig bag
  • Dimensions: 42″ X16.5″ X4.8″
  • Material: Oxford cloth, cotton
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs


  • Features an anti-skid mat.
  • Strong and durable ABS thickened scratch buttons.
  • Ideal for 40″ and 41″ guitars.
  • Strong storage capacity.


  • It is suitable for electric guitars and not acoustic guitars.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Guitar Bag

In the perfect scenario, you do not need to take the guitar anywhere else other than your house. But in reality, you need to take your guitar out of the house which makes it exposed to external factors and increases the risk of getting it damaged. To protect your guitar from being damaged, you need a guitar bag. Due to the several options available in the case of guitar bags, you need to consider some factors to choose your ideal one.


There are ideally three types of guitar cases to choose from- hard cases, soft cases and flight cases. The soft cases are also referred to as high bags. The hard cases are a bit on the expensive side but they protect your guitar better.


Once you have chosen the type of guitar bag that you want to purchase, the next thing to consider is the size of the bag that you are going to purchase. An ill-fitting case can be more harmful to your guitar than no case at all. Therefore, you need to purchase a guitar case according to the dimensions of your guitar. If you cannot figure out the dimensions of the first yourself, you can always call the manufacturer and confirm the dimensions. You need to choose a case tailor-made for you.


The hard cover cases are more durable and are generally made of ¼” or ⅜” plywood and then covered in Tolex or tweed. Some hard cases also come with moulded interiors which perfectly fit the guitar and protect it from serious damage. The soft cases are usually constructed of polyester, nylon or leather, or a combination of those for the exterior. Out of these, nylon is the most durable. The flight cases use materials such as ABS and PE as their material instead of plywood. This makes them resistant to high impact and also durable and rigid.


10mm is the basic requirement for padding for gig bags. EPE foam and sponge are the most common materials used for padding in gig bags. EPE foam performs better in the case of padding. You don’t need padding in hard cases or flight cases.


The sandwich padded handle is more comfortable while the lengthened straps with grabbing padding style handles are more strong and more durable. Therefore, it is more suitable to have sandwich padded handles for acoustic guitar, mandolin and ukulele and stronger handles for heavier instruments such as electric bass, electric guitar, and banjo. The handles for hard cases are mostly made of metal interiors with a plastic coating for longer durability.


Usually, guitar cases are purchased to carry your guitar around the city or in other cities. Therefore, for easy portability, you would like a lightweight case. The guitars are heavy musical instruments. So, for easy portability, lightweight guitar cases are ideal.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What is a guitar case?

A guitar case is an enclosed padded bag which is made to protect the instrument from any type of impact and unpleasant weather conditions. It also helps you to carry it around easily.

2. Do you need a guitar case?

You might believe that the only purpose of a guitar bag is to protect your guitar but they also have other uses. Protection of the guitar might be their main goal but they also save you from awkwardness while travelling. Carrying a guitar can be awkward at times, and a guitar case helps you carry it with ease in flight or even on the bike around town. Besides protecting the guitar in transit, a guitar case helps to keep your guitar clean and helps it stay free from any kinds of scratches.

3. Why is there a third category of flight cases?

They are guitar cases which are ATA-approved, which means they can be checked in as flight luggage. They are specially designed cases which can endure the impacts caused due to being thrown like any flight luggage or other cargo.

4. Why are hard guitar cases more expensive?

The hard cases are the best cases to store a guitar. They provide all-around protection for everyday transport and road trips. They can withstand some pretty hard knocks and protect the guitar from all sorts of hazards.

5. Do guitar cases fit all guitars?

Not all guitars are of the same size so there can;t be one size guitar bag for all. For eg. acoustic and electric guitars are available in different shapes and sizes. So, you must purchase a guitar case which is a snugly fit for your guitar.

Final Word

A guitar is an expensive investment. Therefore, finding a durable and affordable guitar case is very important. There are plenty of options to choose from and your choice should be based on your needs for the guitar.

Different people have different needs for their guitar cases. However, if you ask for our suggestion, then the best gig bag is the 41-inch Acoustic Guitar Bag by Cahaya. It is constructed with durable Oxford Cloth which makes it resistant to water. On top of that, it features several pockets for carrying all music accessories and is lightweight for effortless portability.

The best hard case in the list is Vintage Arch-Top Wooden Case by Crossrock. The vintage brown leatherette exterior gives it a royal and expensive look and the wooden construction makes it durable and protects the guitar from all hazards.

The best flight case in the list is the Moulded Flight Case for Acoustic Dreadnought Guitars by Gator Cases. It is TSA-approved with easy to carry handles and soft plush interiors with neck support for maximum protection.

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