10 Best Copy Stand 2021 Reviews & Biuying Guide

10 Best Copy Stand 2021 Reviews & Biuying Guide

The copy stand can turn out to be a superstar for tutorial shooting videos and macro photography purposes. It holds the smartphone or cameras in the desired position to make the whole shooting process a lot simpler. 

But the only catch comes in picking the ideal copy stand for yourself. And this process is not easy at all, especially when you’ve no prior knowledge about the stands. 

But, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. After researching a tonne of copy stands we’ve concluded a list of the bests. 

However, it would be great if you have a glimpse of the factors mentioned below. It’ll help you to distinguish better among the options.

Copy Stand Type

Different copy stand types in the market are meant to serve different needs. Now, it solely depends on your buying purpose what to choose. If you’re someone who wants to shoot videos for youtube, having a low-priced stand is enough to do your work without any hassle. 

On the other hand, if you’re a professional photographer the high-end copy stands have a lot more features to offer you.

Another thing to note for general users is- whether your stand is mountable or comes with a traditional design. The mountable design makes things easy for shooting table videos such as drawing or cooking. 


If you are a general user, chances are the smartphone will do all the work for you. However, you’ll have to make sure the stand you’re considering is good to hold your phone or not. Although the majority of the stand is compatible with the standard mobile sizes. But, it’s a good idea to cross-check the dimensions. 

On the other hand, for the camera holder, it mainly depends on the maximum holding load. Different copyholders come with different capacities, ranging from 2lbs to 10lbs according to the needs. 

Don’t worry if the above factors don’t make much sense to you. A detailed “Buying Guide” is included at the bottom of this article that includes every factor in detail. Also, there are other factors as well. 

But now, let’s hop on to the list.

Best Copy Stand 2021

Best Copy Stand Reviews

1. ChromLives Photo Copy Stand

ChromLives Photo Copy Stand


Starting the list with one of the best sellers in the photo coup stand market, Chromelives. The Chromelives provide one of the finest solutions for your general-purpose photography and video shooting purposes. Let’s have a deeper insight into it. 

This photocopy stand comes with an effective cell phone clip holder. There’s no need to worry about compatibility here as the holder is compatible for the majority of the smartphone dimensions. Any standard phone with a width between 6 to 10 centimeters is perfect to go with. 

Another good point to mention is the friendly adjustments the stand has. You can extend its height up to 40 more centimeters. And at the same time, the stand can shrink up to 20 centimeters. 

The Chrome Guy photocopy stand is equipped with large legs to provide the utmost support. And to add more stability, the skid reduction is also added at the bottom. Thus, you’ll not have to worry about the protection of your hanging smartphone.

Talking about durability, that isn’t a compromise at all. Its main rod is made of high-grade Aluminum alloy and for the base, the cast iron is used there. These materials ensure the stand is built with premium quality and will withstand for a long time. 

Despite being durable, this stand is extremely easy to carry along. It weighs only 1.5lb and that’ll cause no trouble while carrying it. Also, the foldable design will save a lot of space while storing it. 


  • Effective cell phone holder
  • Flexible height adjustments
  • Skid reduction finish at the bottom


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2. HAIFT Ajustable Tripod

HAIFT Ajustable Tripod

In the HAIFT adjustable tripod, the material used to make this tripod stand is only from premium materials. The complete structure of the tripod is made with high-grade aluminum alloy to ensure the utmost durability. It also provides support to the mobile and helps it to stabilize at a fixed position. At the same time, the complete stand is rust-proof.

In addition to the durability, the stability should come in equally. And this is where the HAIFT has paid a lot of attention. There are several key components in the whole structure for this. For the starter, all the parts are firmly connected with the metal fasteners for utmost support. Also, the trapezoidal design itself adds more points to this factor.

There’s nothing to worry about the compatibility here. If you’re having a standard smartphone this stand will easily hold it firmly. The standard mobile width includes 6 to 8 cm.

Even at such a low height stand, the amount of flexibility you get is intriguing. The HAIFT tripod stand doesn’t only allow you to adjust the height but also lets you change the angle. Here, the high-grade aluminum allows you to rotate the smartphone up to complete 360 degrees.


  • Complete 360degress phone rotation.
  • Flexible height adjustment
  • trapezoidal design 


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3. Acetaken Overhead Video Stand

Acetaken Overhead Video Stand

The Acetaken Overhead Video Stand comes with an innovative scissor arm design. This helps you to place the stand on any clingable surface. Also, this scissor design makes the stand a lot portable and easy to store. 

Starting with the best part of the Acetaken overhead stand that keeps it away from the crowd. You’ll get a separate remote shutter for a convenient shooting experience. The remote only has a single button and just a press will start recording the device. 

The remote shutter is not just the unique feature you’ll get, there’s something else also. This unique jaw clip at the bottom allows you to stabilize the stand at the corners of the desk, table, and similar surfaces. Thus, you can easily shoot videos of drawings and recipes with zero to minimum difficulties.

The Acetaken overhead video stand is equipped with a double-braced arm to provide utmost strength to the whole structure. Also, this arm design lets you extend the total height up to 33 inches. 

Here too, the same concepts follow about compatibility. If you’re having a standard smartphone with a width dimension of 1.8 inches to 3.5 inches. In general, the smartphone with 4 to 6 inches of screen is friendly with this stand.


  • Remote shutter
  • Mounting design
  • Flexible adjustability


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4. Dazzne Desk Mount Stand

Dazzne stand provides you with the same mounting design. However, for this, it has a slightly different design for the unshakable mounting experience. The table video shooters don’t matter for educational purposes or recipes, you’re going to love this. 

The unique C-clamp design is used here to provide strength to the mounting part. You’ll notice the stand will remain in the same position even when you’ll adjust the height or angle of the phone. 

Here’s the best part about this copy stand, you’re getting a great adjustability feature. The height of the stand can be easily increased up to 22 inches from 12.5 inches. And for the clamp support thickness, the maximum width goes up to 3.5 inches to 0.6 inches. 

The durability of the stand is something you can completely rely on. With the help of the aluminum alloy, the whole stand gets utmost bearing strength and light-weight characteristics too. Thus, you’ll face no issues with the durability and portability factor. 

The company’s pride in its product reveals the complete story. This is why the Dazzne desk stand provides you with a complete year of warranty. It leaves no room for doubts or worries. 


  • Unique C-clamp holder
  • One year of warranty


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5. ANTOKY Photo Copy Pico Projector Stand

ANTOKY Photo Copy Pico Projector Stand

The ANTOKY photo copy stand provides you with the upper hand when it comes to compatibility. It’s equipped with a ¼ inches screw to hold the device firmly and without any dropping worries. This small yet innovative design lets you fit more devices than just smartphones. The list includes a webcam, pico projectors, miniature cameras.

The stand’s adjustability is another thing that increases this product worth considering. You can adjust its height from 8 inches to 16 inches. And for the flexibility for the desired angle, you get 30 to 90 degrees of wide coverage. 

The utmost durability and stability are ensured here. Its complete rod structure is built with high-grade aluminum alloy. And for the unique flat base stainless steel is selected. The best part here is, its bottom flat surface is completely anti-slip by skid.


  • Innovative screw mechanism 
  • Angle adjustability is also available
  • Skid reduction finish at the bottom


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Here comes something for professional purposes. The COPY STAND MINI300 comes with a holder and board set up to provide utmost comfort for the person taking help from it. Are you someone who scans the document all day or is into macro photography? This will surely increase the quality of your work. 

This stand is purposely built to hold the cameras firmly in the desired position. Even if your camera weighs more than 1lbs there is nothing to worry about. With a maximum safe load of 2lbs, you’ll not have to compromise anything here. Also, you can buy a separate Cosmo phone holder to use the stand for phones.

As said earlier to complete the whole setup requires a board to place. There’s nothing to worry about the setup, it’ll hardly take a minute to place the board at the bottom of the stand/. Coming back to the board, its dimensions are 12″ x 9.5” x 3/4 inches and come with a grey finish. Thus, you get a smooth and level surface for still photography.


  • The whole setup is easy
  • Flexible height flexibility


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7. Albinar High Load stand 

Albinar High Load stand

This is another solution for your professional purposes. The unique selling point of the Albinar high load stand is they provide you with extra light to make your photography sessions hassle-free with the perfect light.

The feature that makes the whole stand apart from the competitor is the sidelights. This feature comes along with the traditional-looking stand that’ll easily hold your camera in a position. Its lights are just like a study lamp that’s easily adjustable according to your needs. Although, you’ll have to buy the bulbs separately.

Coming back to the stand itself you’ll get here. The best part about the stand is its holding capacity. The stand lets you hold some of the heaviest cameras with no difficulty. As the maximum bearing load of the stand goes up to 10lbs. There’s nothing to worry about. 

The camera length can be adjusted with a wide range of 8 inches to 28 inches. Thus, you’ll get enough room to shoot quality photographs without compromising anything. Despite the angle adjustability the dimensions of the board are 15.75″x19″. 

The build material hushed here is a popular choice. The high-grade aluminum alloy with rust-free property allows you to use the stand for long years. Also, the smooth board minimizes the slip risk to completely zero. 


  • Powerful lightings arrangement
  • Flexible height adjustment 
  • 10lbs of holding capacity


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8. Kaiser 205411 Copy Stand

Kaiser 205411 Copy Stand

Willing to go overboard in the budget for your professionalism? The Kaiser 205411 Copy Stand would be a perfect fit for anyone who’s at a great height in their career. The stand has got everything covered already.

The board you’ll get with this copy stand is worth half of the price. And the reason behind this is the quality of the materials used. This board is built with a non-reflective matte gray base for the utmost smoothness. The non-reflective characteristic will work just fine with the additional lights you get with the stand. Also, the baseboard is printed with a fine grid and inch/cm scales to make your work extremely easy. 

The complete stand is built durable and anodized aluminum is used to provide utmost assurance. There’s also the cm/inches mark to make the comparison easy and exact. Needless to say, you can easily adjust the height and camera angle.

With a maximum load capacity of 3.3 pounds, there’s nothing to worry about your camera. This stand is suitable for the majority of the smaller SLR cameras, digital cameras, CCD, and CMOS cameras.

The whole feature list makes the stand worth its price. However, the company even offers you a one-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. This adds more points to the buying preference. 


  • Matte grey base
  • Effective lighting
  • One year warranty


  • Expensive but worth investing in.

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9. Smith Victor Pro-Duty Copy Stand

Smith Victor Pro-Duty Copy Stand

The Smith Victor is one of the age-old companies in the lights and electronic industry. And this time, the company has experimented with something new, to provide a professional copy stand solution. The CS42K stand is relatively new but will grab the attention of professionals who love to get something branded. 

Its sturdy baseboard comes with one of the smoothest finishes of matte grey. At the same time, it features non-reflective characteristics so you don’t have to deal with any extra interrupting lights. The best part is, you’ll get a larger 23.5X23.5 board as compared to the others.

Needless to say, the company has paid a lot of attention to durability. The column here is constructed with heavy-duty extruded aluminum. At the same time, the height scale is printed on it to have better insight into the height. 

By looking at the maximum bearing support, the stand makes itself worth the price. Here, you can easily hang big cameras that are even up to 8lbs. Thus, no more worries about the safety of your cameras. 


  • 23.5X23.5 longboard
  • 8lbs of maximum support


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10. Promaster Copy Stand

Promaster Copy Stand

Ending the list with the Promaster copy stand. It’s mainly suitable for professional purposes. Also, it would be a great fit if you’re looking for more options for a complete light setup. 

The best feature the Promaster copy stand offers you is the bright light. Its complete set includes 2 lamp housings for you to have the perfect light during the photoshoots. With the capacity of 300 Watts of photoflood, you’ll never have to compromise with the light again.

Coming to the flat and smooth base it comes with. The dimension of the base is 16 by 19 inches which are more than enough to have a great photography experience. The majority of the subjects will easily fit under these dimensions. 

Providing you with more numbers to have a detailed insight about the products. The complete stand comprises 28 inches and the lights are generally placed at the 20 inches height. Although you can extend them up to 23 inches according to your preference. 


  • 16X19 inches board
  • Maximum 300 Watts of photoflood


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Copy Stand Buying guide

You don’t need to panic if you’ve got stuck between several options. As a solution, going through the detailed buying guide will help you out. 

Copy stand type

Your complete buying journey depends a lot on the purpose of buying a copy stand. This is because different stands are meant to target different needs. And it isn’t a great idea if you’re considering a 100 dollars professional copy stand for shooting art tutorials.

At the same time, you would like to consider the type of stand it comes with.


After finalizing the purpose of using the copy stand, the compatibility feature becomes the next necessary factor. Whether you’re using a smartphone for recording or scanning purposes or a professional camera, there’s a certain limit to it. 

Although, the majority of the phone holding stands are completely compatible with the standard size. Thus, if your smartphone is anywhere from 4 to 6 inches. There’s nothing to worry about. However, it’s a good idea to check the product description of the stand as well.

For the camera holder, the most important thing that matters the most is the maximum weight capacity. Every camera copy stand comes with its specific holding range. If you’re someone who has a heavy camera, it’s highly advisable for the Albinar High Load stand. Its maximum weight capacity is 10lbs.


The durability of any type of stand matters the most. And the same goes with the copy stands too. It should be durable enough to withstand all the environmental wear and tear for long continuous years. At the same time, having a slip-proof characteristic should be also there. 

The durability of the copy stand solely depends on the quality of the build material. Among the many options available there, one of the most trusted and durable materials for the purpose is aluminum.

For the slip-proof characteristic, the stand should be equipped with rubber pads(or similar items) at the toes of the stand. However, in the mounting design, there’s no concept about the slipping surfaces. 


We hope the above information will help you in the process of getting an ideal copy stand. The whole process becomes extremely simple if you first decide the buying purpose. 

Fortunately, the products mentioned in the list provide you with sufficient worthy options for every purpose. As a final step, going along with the buying guide makes things extremely simple. 

Still, confused at the choices? In that case, you should go with your favorite one. The ChromLives Photo Copy Stand has everything you’ll ever need in a copy stand for normal purposes. Despite the reliable features, you get the brand that too in a budget-friendly price tag.

Although, if you’re looking for a top-notch professional copy stand, nothing is comparable to the Albinar High Load stand. It comes with an exceptionally great stand structure with optimum features. 

Lastly, if you’re more interested in a bit of innovation, you should go for the Acetaken Overhead Video Stand. It’s a trapezoidal stand that comes with a remote trigger to shoot easy videos.

Did we miss mention a worthy product in the list? Do let us know by commenting below. Also if you’ve left with any doubts regarding the copy stands, drop them in the comment section. Our team will reach back to you in a short while.

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